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The most beautiful terrain in Iran: Kahlaleh

The most beautiful terrain in Iran: Kahlaleh By Antonia Mosqueda

Some photos from my time in Kahlaleh, Golestan: it’s a desolate region of some of the most beautiful landscapes and ancient history of Iran. Remnants of Zoroastrian architecture rests nearby; an ancient shrine named for the prophet Khaled sits atop a mountain (which we climbed); gravestones of intriguing shapes and history are located there too. And there is this amazing geographical terrain like no other place I have seen: green hills go on for miles and miles on one side; on the other side, there is a ripple effect of hills formed by old shell deposits and other sediments from old sea life, reaching out vastly and entering Turkmenistan country. Oh, and the wildlife was amazing too! We saw owls, and we saw beautiful birds and butterflies—don’t know the species. I’ll have to spend more time on the wildlife there during another trip. The entire hill country is mesmerizing, a long drive through this region is worth the sight-seeing of unforgettable, natural beauty, especially in springtime when Shaghayegh flowers are in full bloom. Here is a little glimpse through my lens. I will try to upload more photos and videos later! #TheIranIKnow

IMG_8658 (2)
My son enjoying the scene.

The beautiful red flowers are called Shaghayegh

My kids taking in all that beauty!


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