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Do as Rachel Corrie did for Palestine: by Antonia Mosqueda

Since the tragic loss of Rachel Corrie, whose martyrdom anniversary was observed almost a month ago, world citizens became more aware and concerned about the Palestinian plight. People have observed and learned much about Palestine, thanks to the memory of this selfless young activist. Sadly, people have also observed the Palestinian movement go from prominent to inconsequential, to great again in over a decade: like a roller coaster.

Nevertheless, with an important matter like Palestine, which appeals to a human sense of urgency, the only direction that this movement needs to go in is a promising one: upward. So, what’s pulling the Palestinian cause down at times, and how can we maintain an upward path for Palestine?

It has to be said, one principal reason for dwindling Palestinian support arose from the negligence of significant issues concerning Palestine due to fragmentation from within the Palestinian movement. While there are many issues that must be addressed, in regards to Palestine, and brought into the spotlight of the mainstream media, there is more emphasis on the public slander and infighting between certain self-professed “activists”—occurring as a result of prejudice and vague differences among activists, or possible online agents with a mission to dismantle and encourage division between activists—a win for the apartheid oppressor overall.

One can say, with great confidence, when initially entering the pro-Palestine arena that they had so much admiration for certain activists until a few of the activists allowed their paranoia, hatred, and prejudice to get the best of them and bring out the worst. —This is not to say that all activists have this attitude, only very few [who may be swinging for the other team ] become vengeful, irrational, and conceited towards other activists and people interested in learning about the Palestinian Plight. But, inopportunely, those few seem to overburden the entire cause, and the pro-apartheid “Israel” camp just loves to exploit these matters.

Furthermore, not only activists but so-called journalists have also taken on this slanderous behavior. Many “independent journalists”–with no official training: lack of ethics, basic degrees, or background in the field of journalism–spend more time, today, publicly slandering, blackmailing, and humiliating one another rather than focusing on what is most important: Palestine. They claim to be “exposing” others via bickering over who is an “infiltrator” or “shill” (rather difficult to prove and most of their evidence is shoddy, fabricated or slanderous).

These “journalists” are so absorbed in the malicious finger pointing and slander, failing to express their opposition towards the real oppressor–“Israel”–in a way that could help Palestine: or they fail to come up with a good strategy to advance against their said mission. You could say they are really doing “Israel” a favor; which is why there are never complaints from “Israelis” when they see the activists turning on one another. It would be wonderful if they would put all that time, passion, and energy into the actual dilemmas: the brutality that Palestinians endure from the apartheid “Israel” colony and their brazen genocide against the nation of Palestine.

On the sunny side, in spite of those that slander, gravel, and squabble, there are many good activists to learn from; and there are names we cannot forget: martyrs like Rachel Corrie–whose voice lives on, offering us a reminder of what good activism really is.

I appreciate the many living activists for their courage and great passion directed towards the ultimate goal of assisting Palestine towards freedom. They raise awareness with pure faith and honesty–no strings attached, no gimmicks to sell–names like Kerry Shadid, Robby Fenian Martin, Ghassan Andoni, and the whole of the Tamimi family. —These activists deserve to be heard from more often. Of course, it is like the mainstream to shut out the most effective voices and instead focus on the more controversial types who, more than often, deliver a mixed and ineffective message regarding Palestine.

So many great voices for Palestine are overshadowed by those that receive much media attention for controversial routines or behavior–intended to get a rise out of the public (This is an example of media putting quantity over quality). Voices of activists are drowned out by obnoxious, self-praising, and attention seeking “activists”–who tend to focus their cameras 🎥 less on what is best for Palestine and more on what is best for themselves.

When considering how to best support Palestine, one must move beyond the self-absorption and other types of distractions, and simply do as Corrie did for Palestine: give the people something to be proud of and something remarkable to remember when it comes to Palestine. Rachel Corrie, who was a pure example of love for humanity, is the best example of this type of much-needed activism.

(Rachel Aliene Corrie In Memoriam 1979-2003)

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