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Make the most out of your Iran trip: attend this event! Part 2 by Antonia Mosqueda

In my last blog post I wrote: “Every year I am more than excited to attend the Annual Festival of Tribes and Hand Crafts, in Iran, not only do I find better deals here than in the stores and markets, but I get to see nearly all of Iran and its cultural diversity in one spot. It is truly a melting pot of cultural diversity. And, not only are the exhibition arenas filled with amazing crafts, but there is a variety of traditional foods, music, and other entertainment. To kick off this series about the festival and why it is a must attend, I will introduce you to the amazing foods this traveling road fair has to offer!”—You had the chance, if not in reality to see some pretty cool food pics and old timer ways of making food. So, since last week it was all about the food, this week it’s all about the entertainment!

Entering the arena of laughter and glee, that gives a wonderful humanly aura to these festivals, are the unforgettable sounds of music: music from every culture plays simultaneously, filling any crevasse in the air with a masterly finesse. Musicians and performers from all walks of life and many cultures, dressed in their traditional and ancient styles, add so much vibrancy, color, and brilliance to the nearly week-long festival. Truly, you will witness in Iran (in spite of what others say or are rumored to say) that there are no boundaries for these performers in regards to age, sex, religion, and ethnicity. Below is an example of that: young female musicians performing on stage at a cultural event in Golestan, Iran. The band of all age groups, among many other performers, and genders played instruments and sang to a growing audience.

Even more heartwarming was that several amazing parents included their children in their family business of music and entertainment. The young children, singing, dancing, and playing instruments added so much to the family-friendly atmosphere. It also taught me how nourishing and thoughtful these Iranian parents were to pass on their great skills and talents to their children, making the time and putting in the effort is not easy, but they made it look like a cake walk!

Picture 257602
One of the youngest performers, so cute and kuchelu!
Picture 257603
“Fathers and sons” band and dancers. I love this photo with the proud men towering over their young ones.

Picture 257604


Some of my favorite performers, young Turkeman singers. You can get a live look at them on my FB. I will try to link some video entertainment here soon.

That we have seen some of the younger performers, what about the older ones? Yes, grandmothers, grandfathers, and the great grandmothers and great grandfathers add in their talents too! As you can see from the photos below: a fiddler on the roof with his grandson, a singer–said to be over 90!–performed with his grandchild and son, and a grandmother serenaded me and my husband while playing a traditional “daff.”


Visions of dance and other forms of cultural entertainment top off these events for an added plus. Take a look at the slideshow for the classic man on stilts, spinning dancers, and kiddie entertainment with Iran’s own version of “Barney!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weddings are also celebrated at the annual festival, so you get a glimpse of traditional weddings–Torkeman, Lor, Sistani, Baluchistani, to name a few–which are celebrated with music, dance and other forms of entertainment. We were honored to be asked to take photos with brides and grooms “to be”–and thrilled to watch their happy families sing and dance in honor of these holy unions. See the slideshow below 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh! Now, did I mention the animals? The place also becomes a Petting Zoo with various animals for people to ride or pet, most of the time just for a photo. Check out my husband and me photobombing kids and their moments on the camel 🙂

My husband posing with men from different tribes and ethnicity who entertained throughout the days and nights. May God bless them all for serving humankind so beautifully. ❤

Overall, the entertainment was amazing, four days at this event and we have not seen it all! It is just that incredible! Soon, I can hopefully upload more videos to my youtube, ello, or FB so you can see for yourself the amazingly talented people of Iran.

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