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Here is Another Reason to Love Iran: This Lil’ Place Called Tooskestan!

Beyond the tourist destinations of Gorgan, beyond the crowded “hot spots ” like Nahar Koran, and beyond some winding roads; a tank full of gas will take you to the beautifully mesmerizing forest of Tooskestan, Iran.

Tooskestan (79)
Beautiful Tooske Trees!


The first thing you notice about Tooskestan are these ginormous trees, with amazing, glistening leaves that are just as captivating as an ornamented Christmas tree–while laying underneath.  You can sit in these trees too, they’re so amazingly huge! And wouldn’t you know, these trees are called Tooske trees? So land of tooske, it is.

Tooskestan (114)
Resting under the Tooske trees and what do we see?
anita 016
A perfectly made home ❤

It is here, the forest, where there is no wi-fi, no contact with the outside world, it’s just us homo s. sapiens surrounded by the sounds of nature–enjoying the company of each other. We survive through a day or two–without all the humanly things we think we need.

Tooskestan (132)
My boy, he found a comfy boulder to rest upon.

We relax and in the forest, we feel at peace with our surroundings, mostly we behave like all other animals in our kingdom

The things we hear, the sights we see are magical and beyond belief.

We play. We Sing. We pick, eat and explore. Most of all we forget about things like prejudice, hatred, and war.


Then, we pack up our bags and hope to come back again.


Tooskestan (181)
Trekking back home, bye bye Tooskestan

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