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Possible ISIS/MKO linked Terrorist attacks send shock-waves through Iran

This post will be updated as more news from Iran media and witnesses pour in…

In the wake of several terrorist attacks over the past month, in places like London, the Philippines, Afghanistan, today Iran has been added to the list of ISIS claimed attacks.

Iran is one of the few countries in the Middle East that has been, successfully and effectively, fighting terrorists along with her border regions, and helping other countries do the same. Iran has managed to thwart off several terrorist attempts over the past years, and saved thousands of lives in the process: Today, sadly, was the exception as 12 people have been killed/martyred and 43 injured in a massacre claimed by Isis in Tehran. Many, however, are speculating the possibility of an MKO linked attack, considering that women are often involved in MKO attacks, and it is a method of theirs (MKO members) to take cyanide tablets before authorities take them in. So many curious minds are probing the possibility of an MKO led attack, or a mission carried out by both groups.

News of the attack has shocked us all living in Iran, mostly because these areas are highly secured. However, they managed to make their way through the guards and other types of security with Kalashnikovs and bombs using extreme and brutal action.

The timeline of events as they unfolded, according to reports, are as follows:

At about 10:30 AM several terrorists, loaded with Kalashnikovs, shot their way through a congressional building killing at least 11 people, in and outside parliaments building. The martyred were innocent workers: civilians, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and one member of Iranian Sepah.

Iranian Sepahi, Javad Taymuri, Martyred in the terrorist attack, today, at 10:30, Tehran, Iran–June 7th, 2017

After entering the congressional building, the terrorists started towards several employee offices and began shooting at random (Some videos were taken at the time of the attack by the perpetrators which I will link in here). During this time Iranian guards fired back and one of the terrorists ignited his suicide vest, injuring several people. The terrorists also managed to take several people hostage. Anti-terrorist Revolutionary guard members arrived and took out one of the remaining terrorists. The hostage standoff ending at about 3pm. One perpetrator was captured, unharmed, and taken in alive by Iranian authorities–which serves as a very important purpose in collecting all data on future terrorist attacks.

Sometime in the afternoon, about 2 pm, after the first attack, the Secretary of information in Iran reported having thwarted off two suspicious groups, outside of the Imam Khomeini shrine, from carrying out another severe terrorist attack. It was reported they worked in a group of three individuals: one woman and two men to be exact. The woman was taken into custody after she tried to eat a cyanide-laced pill. (MKO used this method often during their previous attack on Iran). One man blew himself up, in a suicide bombing attempt, outside the building and another taken by Iranian authorities. One employee, a landscaper, was martyred instantly during the attack.

During this time a third attack was foiled by Iranian authorities…

Videos, photos, and links to the attack can be found below as the post is updated:

ISIS or MKO? One of the men who carried out the attack in Iran’s Parliament building.

Link to graphic footage, purportedly by ISIS:


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