General Qassem Suleimani: The Thinker Of Our Time

Although I do not like to get too political, I was asked about my opinion on this issue. Instead of explaining why USA has not been able to “finish off” Syria, I remembered I had this, and it made for an easy explanation.

Iranian Hiker

In an attempt to explain the failure of aggressive western operations against Syria and Iraq, proposals have been put forth by the western media that suggest “Iran is financially funding Iraq against ISIS” or delivering “heavy arms” to regions threatened by ISIS like Iraq and Syria, as some journalist have on sites like Middle Eastern Monitor. These suggestions, intentionally, undermine the utter logic and truth behind another failed attempt to sabotage the Islamic Republic of Iran and their allies. Western media is afraid to admit that weapons have little to do with Iran’s success. However, there is one major factor the media tends to stray from all together, they know the secret of Iran’s success: but, they ignore it. Perhaps it is pride upon realization that Iran, for once, actually has something the aggressors do not have? The one thing that hurts the pride of the aggressors–USA’s leaders, other western…

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