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Persian Omelet 4-2 Please!

Persian Omelet 4- 2 Please!

When I first visited Iran, I knew less than little of Persian cuisine…“ what is sabze pollow, kuku, juje, ghorme sabze, khoreste goje badamjan?”… I would often ask my husband so many questions, but I learned! Al an/right now, you could say I moved up to a safe intermediate level in Persian cooking, unlike the language—that’s another story. Only after trying out some of the most basic and simple dishes that tested my pallet against new flavors, flavors I had to familiarize myself with if truly wanted know the ways of the Persian I married, did I improve.

The Persian Omelet for me was a good place to start, one of the first things I learned to cook, years ago. Omelets in Iran are not like the fluffed up, super egg omelets with a little veggie surprise inside like we are served at an I-hops in the USA. Persian omelets are often made well scrambled, packed with rich flavors, tons of tomatoes, and other fresh veggies of your choice. Here is the style of omelet I often cook for guest and family. You can pretty much modify this recipe to suit your fancy. Here we go with Persian cooking 101!

Antonia’s Persian Omelette, with some Azteca spice!


Persian Omelet for two, please!


1 cup of water

1 tsp of black seeds for a topping and good health

1 tsp of Turmeric

1 tsp of dry mint (nanah)

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of garlic

3 farm fresh organic brown eggs (this is optional, I am picky about my eggs)

3-4 Roma tomatoes sliced up

Green onions finely chopped

A small onion finely chopped

3 average sized mushrooms finely chopped

1 tsp of olive oil

The first step requires stewing of the tomatoes, till they are very broken up and soft, using the water, starting out with a boil in a skillet and coming down to a medium heat after several minutes. I do not remove the peels–this is optional. If the tomatoes have not reached the soft consistency of stewed tomatoes after ten minutes or more just add more water if needed, and continue to cook on medium. When the tomatoes are thick soft and stewy like add in all the veggies and spices on the ingredients list, except for the black seeds to be used as a topping. Slowly lower the heat as the veggies become well cooked and softened.

Water is near evaporated from the veggie and spice mix, ready to add optional oil and eggs. You can also see evidence on the wooden spoon that I do burn things!


On the side crack and whisk your eggs in a dish. Next, when the water has evaporated add your oil (oil can be optional too). Finally, stir in the eggs, continue to whisk and stir around the eggs, breaking them up for several minutes on medium-low heat. Kinda like making the Huevos Rancheros, if you get my drift! Lower the heat as eggs are closer to done. Turn off heat when the omelet is finished, place in the dish and top with the black seeds. Serve this for breakfast with whole grain bread, garnish (I used a pickled veggie mix), and cheese–it’s enough for two or three depending on your appetite. Enjoy!

Wallah! A Persian Omelet topped with black seeds, just as tasty as Huevos Rancheros mis amigos!

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