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The Corridor to Religious Tolerance in Islam: ( A recommended read)

“Surah An Nahl was the first surah that really spoke to me, we all have those moments of lucidity as Muslims–I think. I began to gain a clear understanding of tolerance in Islam by way of this Surah. Today, it happens to be one of my favorite Surahs, with little to no obscurity, depicting the importance of tolerance and unity with profound poetic clarity. I certainly did not want to be like she “who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong”. From that moment on, I was determined to preserve my faith without the disturbance of being dragged down a trail of intolerance.”

This is actually a piece of me. I was intending to share this article used for an “op-ed” long ago–secret is out, I can be lazy–it’s a little late.

Behind the story:

I am always honored when a website appreciates my work to the extent that they ask me to write a bit about my thoughts on certain subjects. I feel sometimes the best way to express how things really can be, is by getting your feet or hands dirty and just “going for it” –as we say–to gain real knowledge on a subject.

My errors:

Sorry for the few typos: I found them too! For instance, hated (should be hatred), unnecessary commas on a few lines are present, there are some missing commas on another, and a misspelled word (I seemed to have forgotten which). They are errors many writers can catch and assume what the writer really means…This has all reminded me, the great thing about having my own blog is that I can select edit and correct errors myself–when I am not lazy. Finally, it was a bit long for an “op-ed”, I really feel opinion editorials should be shorter, but was ignorant towards the intended use of this article.

Note to writers looking to get published: Take a lesson from every mistake. The downfall about writing for a website, controlled by others, is that you cannot change a thing. Sometimes your errors remain unless the editor-in-chief respects your wishes to modify changes. This occurrence has happened to me but a few times before (I will share those other pieces as time goes on), and this is quite normal for people like me, as I do not consider myself a professional writer or English expert today. I still have much to learn.  Regardless, here is a little of what I picked up as a Muslim revert about religious tolerance. Hope you enjoy the read! Love it or hate it, let me know! Critique is something we can all benefit from!

“The Corridor to Religious Tolerance in Islam”




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