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10 ways to make the world better by making yourself better

Many of good folk are not as oblivious to the heart-wrenching cycle of suffering that plagues our beautiful Earth–at least not how some people make them out to be. Often, do people not brag, nor do they put on display all their acts of charity; especially, us Muslims, as there are Quranic reminders for us to be modest, refraining from boasting about our good deeds: Allah can see all we do. In spite of the good deeds and efforts carried out by humankind, so many people judge others on account of what they do not see: and this can be discouraging or even hurtful to those actually doing something, rather than complaining. Nonetheless, there are ways and some behaviors we can practice, ones that can set us on the right path and make us more effective in our efforts to improve things where needed.


I myself may have went over my head, singling out entire populations for some significant world problem (at one time or another): and if I did, I am remorseful. I often ask God for forgiveness in case of any sin I may have committed or have been ignorant about myself. This attitude of being doubtful and skeptical towards others is the most ineffective form of raising awareness, in my opinion: it may only generate more problems rather than resolve them. Therefore, I came up with several little antidotes or remedies to combat the cynicism. Maybe these lil’ life rules will help someone else too, so I’m sharing this part of me with the world. I mostly use these rules as a reminder not to lose faith or have doubts in others, and to stay positive in my efforts to make change.

1. Pray. Never give up on the power and influence of prayer; ultimately, it is the power of the divine Creator at work with you, against evil, in a sacred union of prayer.

2. Do not lose hope in humanity. You do not get to say all people have given up or do not care. That just isn’t fair. There are people who do care, working day and night: they give their lives to ease suffering. You give up on them when you say such nonsense.
Example: “No one cares about Syria!” — This simply is not true.

3. Do not hold all people accountable for the problems of the world today: not all people are responsible for the world taking a turn for the worst. Many humans are trying to heal this earth–its animals and all it encompasses.
Example: “People are worse than animals, I hate them” — These assertions and this type of bullying does not help.

4. Stop blaming other humans or making generalizations against others for problems that simply mean the most to you: there are greater problems through another human’s experience and perspective than your own. Only hold accountable those that deserve to be held accountable.

Examples of pointless blaming: “We Muslims do nothing for…!” — You are doing far worse by making generalizations and hating on people who share your faith.

5. Basically, stop acting like all people are inhuman, that only means you are the one who stopped caring for and fail to recognize the good in humanity.

6. Stop accusing those who actually do something just because one little thing about them irks you. We need these people, the movers and shakers. We all have our own ways to operate, not everyone is designed in your image. When you attack others, who are actually making real efforts towards effective positive change, you only create bigger problems and interfere with those wonderful souls hard at work.

7. Eliminate the word Hate from your vocabulary, this will help you see the world and others in a whole new way.

8. Realize at times you are the problem and not them. When you see mistakes in yourself do not beat yourself up, correct them and go on. We are all human and capable of mistakes just as much as we are capable of change, all of us including you.

9. If you really want to help get to work, make a change in yourself now.

10. Finally, be patient and change will come.

And that concludes this post 🙂 I do hope these little rules will help anyone who is truly looking for ways to heal. Hopefully, I will insert a new recipe and another little article on women’s rights in Iran this week, be on the lookout.


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