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Beyond the Stairway to Heaven: Trekking Nahar Khoran Mt. By Antonia Mosqueda

Hi everyone, I know it has been a while since I have written about my hiking adventures that really seem to captivate a few followers and nature lovers. Therefore, I am getting right back on that subject ASAP! I have a handful of followers and friends who especially like this subject for location, tips, and naming off ‘hot spots’ of open and welcoming trails for tourist in the Islamic Republic of Iran. One trail I wrote about, in particular, was Nahar Khoran Mountain trail. I mentioned the several camps and bases that eventually led to a village going up the mountain. I only covered the first camp; this edition is a continuation. We completed, some time ago, the hike to the second camp with a small group. We would like to get to that third level soon, but for now here is your guide to LEVEL II of Nahar Khoran, Mountain (Alborz region) in Golestan Province, Iran.

The Stairway up Nahar Khoran featured in another blog (Link provided).

The blog post called “The Stairway to Heaven” gave the location of this beautiful mountain that is tucked away just past some winding roads and popular tourist destinations in Gorgan, Golestan, Iran. On one side of the mountain is the more populated and “hip” Alangdare, on the other side is the more serene and scenic Ziarat. You can also meet with, depending on how long you like your hike and how much your legs can handle, either side of these places from Nahar Khoran (This journey can last anywhere from several hours to over a day). Nahar Khoran Mt. tends to be a place that attracts foragers—usually looking for berries, edible herbs, and wild flowers—and people looking for a little more peace and quiet in the mountains. I ended my last blog on this mountain at the first camp; hence, I won’t get into that and go right back to where we left off; and the photo of the young hiker marks that spot! 


Of course to get to point B, you need to get past point A. Our method usually requires refreshing at this stop and filling up on a few bottles of water, needed as the climb becomes a little steeper in some places. In my opinion, the first stretch of the trek is the hardest, all else in smooth sailing from there.

My brother-in-law being entertained by some young hikers we crossed paths with in the mountain.

My brother-in-law is met by some young hikers at a “water re-fill” station for high quality H20 in the photo.

The thing I like about this path is that you need no rope, and you are at no high risk for breaking your neck if you stay on this trekking path. You might need plenty of water, energy snacks, and a good hiking stick. We brought a tent along with us  for this trip; because, we suspected needing longer rest, time to snack, and drink chai before we trekked back down the slope. At spot A, you would continue on the trail to your left, going upward of course. If you go right you will need rope and you will risk breaking your neck! It is often very slippery with run off from snow, or torrential rains; always proceed with caution no matter where you are going to. About 5-10 more minutes beyond this point, depending on how fit and fast you are, some pretty awesome views, which I have posted pictures of will more or less captivate you.

Amazed with the view and drop behind him!
When you get to this point do not forget to stop, look all around, smell the fresh air, and revel in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Take many photos and selfies while you are here too! Like we did below 🙂

Assuming you’ve now reached this point, with an amazing view of people looking like ants way beyond, framed by long trees covered in vines, you have only a few more minutes to go, till the next water source, marked by a tree the kids love to play on. Fill up for more water only a minute or so away and keep going up!

My son and nephew playing at the old and near petrified fallen tree.

Soon, you will hear far off voices from other people hanging at this second campsite, sometimes even singing and laughter. Autumn and Spring are always the best time to go, poets relax under the colorful leaves, lovers walk hand and hand, foragers forage, and the camps are lit with fires for smoked chai.

At this point, that is mildly busy, you can rest and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds, as we did in the photos. Or you can can continue on with your journey by keeping left. The third camp of course is for another blog post! I will, however, leave you with more photos in a slideshow, you can get an idea of what this magnificent and cozy camp in Nahar Khoran has to offer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you happened to miss “The Stairway to Heaven” the link is here:

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