Love the Iranian Styles for Muslim Women <3

For new converts searching for the hijab right for them, a little advice.

Iranian Hiker

 Originally posted to my Facebook in 2013


Being a Muslim convert can be confusing when it comes down to the question, ‘What on earth do I wear?’ With all the varieties and ways to wear hijab combined with the opinions of others, dressing as a convert can make you go just a little cray cray!

Sometimes, some brothers and haughty naughty sisters will say, “your hijab is not good enough! or “Only wear black!” Some will say, “cover your face!”, “hide your eyes!” or “do not wear make up!” Haram, haram, haram! You get me? I am just so haram, to some Muslims, for not doing it ‘their way’ and this can make a new sis very insecure! Really, it’s like being scolded by cranky shrewd people who hate you, when all you want is kind helpful solutions in finding a way to dress and embrace hijab with…

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