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Apricot Fruit Porridge with a touch of raisins and a hint of honey: For baby and Momma

This dish is quick, easy, vegetarian and good for anyone, especially babies and nursing mothers. Why? Apricots are rich in essential nutrients like; dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium. When nursing mothers eat apricots it can also increase prolactin, or the hormone that signals milk production. If you can find, in your local markets, look for organic and fresh varieties as I have used; if you’re stuck with  canned fruit, select ones packed in water or natural juice; please do not use ones in sugary syrup.


Now, if you are not nursing and want this for the nutritional values, let me fill you in on a lil’ more about apricots. “The health benefits of apricot include its ability to treat indigestion, constipation, earaches, fevers, skin diseases, cancer and anemia.” Apricot is just about good for anyone. Now this meal as you see not only contains apricot but foods with other nutritional value. For the base of this meal, I think best for breakfast or mid-day snack, any variety of natural grain mixes can be used, even oatmeal or barely. I used a half cup of all natural Iranian baby food brand which is made from powder wheat ( very much like a cream of wheat, but creamier). Use the variety of porridge you desire.

This is how I love my apricots, perfection ❤


1/2 cup of baby wheat cereal

1 cup of water

1 fresh apricot

a small handful of golden raisins

a teaspoon of real honey

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Follow the directions on making the porridge, usually it calls for adding the grains or powdered cereal into hot water, mixing it well till no longer clumpy. Cut the apricot in half, remove the seed. Cut the apricot into slices, sprinkle the porridge with the golden raisins and drizzle your honey over the top. Simple as that! Enjoy!

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