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To All Lives Matter who just don’t get it

   In a rant of a mood over a series of unfortunate events, which have taken the US by storm; related to avid police shootings in USA – commonly white cop against black man.
One main problem that has arisen from all of this is that white denial, as usual, continues. Those who are in denial (of the message set off by the movement known as #BlackLivesMatter) seek to distort honest statistics in USA, which have proven racism is a major social injustice that plagues the country. Recently, this statistical measure has been covered up by Black Lives Matter Opponents; they label self as #AllLivesMatter or#WhiteLivesMatter.
The following is my shout out to them:
   “To All lives matter who just don’t get it. Yes, all lives do matter in an environment of equality; however, some matter more than others in the USA – inequality. People are labeled, categorized and generalized with positive and negative attributes, socially, according to skin color in the US. Blacks face the most abuse and mistreatment, statistically, by law enforcement and also vast negligence by mostly whites in authoritative positions – truth. Black lives matter are not trying to say their lives matter exclusively; but as long as white lives – who are regarded as more significant, superior, and given more power in USA – continue their prejudice ways, blacks will continue with their plight for equality, in every aspect of American life. Black lives matter only reveals the reality in USA, in which certain lives outweigh the lives of others. #BlackLivesMatter”
   Finally, I would like to make it known to the people who have sought out justice and equality for so long in the USA, the world watches; eyes and ears are from around the globe are upon you.
To prove my point, I have added a few photos from various photographers, and a friend of mine; Iranians supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement at a demonstration in Tehran.
* I would like to thank my friend and brother known as Benyamin, whom I have enjoyed working with on these issues; he takes our virtual meetings and ideas  into the real world; thus, making a greater impact on humanity.  .

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