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A Short Poem: Grateful

A Short Poem: Grateful

Be grateful for those who protect you and your virtues.

Be grateful for those who see you as whole and pure;

although, at times you may have been dark, stained and broken.

Be grateful for them because they are the ones who looked to you yesterday

and gaze deeply into your soul today.

They noticed you as Allah created you,

underneath the scars and beneath your bones.

They hold you together and love without prejudice. Be grateful.

-AM (me)
I am not a poet, but often I realize how lucky I am. I am grateful for you Mohsen jan!

The image below is a master piece by famous Iranian artist ‪#‎Farshchian. Reminds me of my husband helping me slay the demons I do not want. After all, If he killed all my demons my Angels would go too.


Another poem of mine, if you enjoyed this one;



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