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Counting my Blessings on an Emotional Day!

*This was an old post from 2014

After I attended what was called a Magelis (I hope that came out right), my day was pretty sweet- emotionally. (A Magelis is a farewell ceremony before parting to Mecca.)

As I walked into the ceremony the women sat around a beautiful home full of babies. Three women took turns reciting from the Quran – very song like. I had adorable babies climbing on me, passed to me from their mothers and grandmothers; they were wonderful 😍 I love babies. The mothers of the women who were going on the pilgrimage threw candies at us. We were child like for a bit: catching the candies as they rained down on us. The women tossing the candies seemed more entertained as they enjoined in the laughter, tossing candies in our laps and feet. After this excitement they fed us a delicious soup called ash; along with breads, cheese and salad. I noticed my friend was in tears at one point since she would be leaving to Mecca very soon.

This will be the most important journey of her Islamic life.  I understood why she cried. It was a surreal and emotional moment at that point. The women going on the pilgrimage were dressed in white mantos and beautiful white chadors. They looked like angels so full of light😘 So many tears and so much happiness. No, I have never seen anything quite like it. My wonderful friend cleared her tears and was soon glowing with happiness. I gave her a little gift from Mohsen and I before parting. The host was her sister- in-law -who I’ve gotten to know pretty well in the past year. She invited me back to her home for dinner, one day. Ruba is a wonderful woman who is always smiling and just such a good Muslim overall 😘 My dear friend Maryam concerned about my family -if they ate or not-sent me home with soup. These actions reflect how loving my friends are.

We brought my brother’s wife, her sister and other relative’s home with us afterwards. I made coffee for everyone and the sweets we bought for mom and dad were put out. They came in so handy with the guest my parents soon received. Mohsen’s favorite uncle and his beautiful wife showed up for dinner.  He is another great man I am honored to know. We had wonderful chat with him, he saw that I had concerns and worries built up, debating whether I would travel back to USA or not for regular visits. I never want to leave Iran that’s the truth. I’ve found comfort here, a wonderful life with great friends and family. Soon enough my expression changed while speaking on the negative, he quickly changed the subject and invited us to go to his favorite place in the mountains. He said, “it would take away all your worries.” Forget about your worries he said, “let’s go to the mountains! There is a special shrine when you get to the very top.” He knows I like trekking and the beautiful mountains that surround us. It’s a big effort for him since his back was broken (war injury) 😔 to make a short trek is not easy for a man whose body was so badly injured. I’m honored he will do this just for me, to chase away my worries, maybe some of his own too.

The day on to a late night was just beautiful for everyone. I think that had a lot to do with my dear friends spiritual voyage, it put me in an peaceful mindset. Such a wonderful day was Allah’s way of saying thank you for caring and watching out for one another.


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