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Yummy Lentils, So Easy to Make!

Yummy Lentils
This dish is easy, healthy and inexpensive which is why I love it! I especially love to make it around Ramadan since it is so filling, and you know Ramadan is around the corner for us Muslims. Muslims can never go wrong with such a nourishing and halal meal, we simply do not have to worry if what we eat is going to be haram or not when it comes to vegetarian meals. The Creator will be pleased with this happy and healthy meal choice for sure! Sometimes I play around with the spices and change it up, give it a try!

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Yummy Lentils

1 green onion or scallion
Two tablespoons olive oil or butter (If you do not care to be so healthy  )
5 strands of saffron
4 cloves of garlic.
Two yellow onions, peeled.
Two cups of brown or golden lentils, sorted for stones and rinsed.
Four-five cups of water.
Salt to taste.


In a cup of water let the saffron stems sit, it will turn the water yellow.
Chop they garlic into tiny pieces and dice the onions and scallions. Heat olive oil in a skillet, add onions, and garlic, cook for five or ten minutes, until soft.
In a large pot add water and lentils and bring to a boil, lower the heat and cook for 60 minutes. Add saffron water too. In between cooking (at about 30 minutes into cooking the lentils) add half of the onion mix. You may need to add extra water. If using a pressure cooker cook for 20 minutes and after ten minutes add the onion mix.
When the lentils are soft, add salt and serve. “Salting at the end helps the lentils retain their color.” Serve with lemons. Sometimes we serve the dish with a side of plain yogurt, preferably sheep yogurt.

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Tip: It can be put to freeze or refrigerated for later use also consider changing up the proportions or spices.

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