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Super Flowers of Iran; Evening Primrose Find!

I only wanted to leave a photo I took indicating some of the benefits of Primrose for now. It is a flower I collect while hiking in the early spring time. The flower should be collected with delicacy and while growing in a patch of several rather than alone, this will prevent the flower from growing the following year if not picked carefully.



11 thoughts on “Super Flowers of Iran; Evening Primrose Find!

    1. It has a sweeter smell than the actual taste but is pretty good mixed in with a black or green tea :-)Give it a try in a tea if you can and let me know what you think Tifness.


      1. Good luck and I hope you find some, they may have them in an oil or supplement form. I may also do a little give away possibly saffron, if I can attract a number of followers on wordpress. Thank you, I would be honored to check out your facebook page!


      2. ahh, yes! I will have to check in my local holland and barret’s! they probably might do. I tried my local supermarket and they didn’t have them.. and thanks for much for your comments on my page, really made my day! have a great week ahead sweetie! xxx

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