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Antonia Mosqueda’s hiking diary:


Hiking and backpacking/camping have been long time passions of mine since I was a teen. As a student of geology and other sciences the more field trips we took for mock surveys, fossil hunting and rock hounding the more passionate I became about getting in touch with Mother Nature. I knew then that my infatuation with hiking and exploration were something I could never let go of and needed to nourish to ease my curious soul.

Later on in my studies, I would enlist in camping and high activity courses to fulfill my desires. My best camping and hiking trips in those days; Arkansas, Tennessee, Mexico, Colorado, Texas “hill country”, North and Southward to the Big Bend in Texas even parts of Florida, I have little documents of. I only carry with me a few Polaroid photos and exciting memories of climbing into places, up places and out of places, canoeing, river rafting, descending into brilliant caves and you know the rush you get when you put your life on the edge but you have no fear for the beauty and the moments take all your uncertainties away. We did not have the technology in those days – late 90’s – that we are so blessed with today. My youthful days were some of my most memorable and cherished times; I wish I had preserved them better. I lived for the moment and there is nothing wrong with that.

Moreover, of all those amazing adventures and places I have been nothing can compare to the natural beauty, easily accessible – no private owned freshwater lakes and streams – trails leading to fresh water, edible vegetation, and campsites I have seen in the Alborz regions of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The people of Iran are my soul mates in matters of outdoor activities. They are some of the most passionate when it comes to the art of mountaineering and surviving in the wild. I am learning things from them that in all my years of explorations I have never considered or picked up on my little expeditions in the USA.

Therefore, I begin documenting my new journey in the Islamic Republic of Iran – of over 2 years now – to ease curious folk and to inspire “old fogies’” adventure seekers/mountaineers like me to continue with their passions of exploring and experiencing great rewards at every peak, crevice, and trail of opportunities that they may encompass.


  • Hiking tip: Know yourself and know your body when it comes to hydration, always bring and drink plenty of water before and during hiking. Calculate the time and distance of your planned hike to know just how much water to bring. Do not overdrink — it could weigh you down — try to bring a liter or camel bag for containing water according to how many km or miles you will hike. For example, I usually drink about 1 liter of water per every mile or 1.5 km. I drink slowly on my rest usually every 15 minutes. When I reach a freshwater stream I always refuel.

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