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Postive Word Flow For The Day!

To my friends, family and companions making their way through major life changes, striving for heaven, patience, justice or whatever your purpose is. Whenever change or something great in you has arrived so does the negativity of those with small minds…It happens to me all the time. So here are some words of advice and encouragement to those I love who are dealing with closed minded and less empathetic types.

Weak minds can never comprehend a person with a great heart and immense devotion. One who has found a place closer to truth, which would require deprogramming self and leaving behind all they once knew, thus in order do what is right for their fellow human. They do not understand true sacrifice of ones exterior self for a great inner spirit that encompasses the human body and mind as a whole. They will say in their lesser form, “leave your virtues, embrace your sins, and bad habits” all the while fearing change in others because this might provoke some change in them. Weak minds rarely change because risk and change is their greatest fear, but risk and change is the greatest accomplishment of those who do not fear. Weak minds think only of themselves as if within a box. They praise themselves and promote themselves before they recognize and commend the efforts of others who do good. Maybe you have noticed but you’re too polite to say or think as small as those who think so little of you?

So never let a weak mind pick away at your great big strong heart by disturbing your inner peace and your intentions to hide yourself through your own evolution! Those still closed up and locked in their cages simply can’t understand your beautifully evolving life until they have walked in your filthy worn and blood stained shoes.



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