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Imam Musa al Sadr update!

Imam Musa al Sadr update!

This is some interesting news, especially for admirers of Imam Musa al Sadr. This week Hannibal Gaddafi son of the late Moammar Gaddafi was held briefly by militants in Lebanon. Hannibal was questioned on the whereabouts of long time missing Shi’a Muslim cleric Imam Musa al Sadr. Musa al Sadr vanished in 1978 after a meeting with Moammar Gaddafi but little evidence is available to link Gaddafi to his disappearance.

Musa Al Sadr was a handsome figure with great height and striking green eyes. His mesmerizing features and stature topped with his vocal eloquence and knowledge in Islam made him a human magnet for Muslim Shiites’. During Musa Al Sadr’s peak he advocated for unity and peace within the Islamic framework. He was bringing the Islamic world together and attracting many followers towards the legacy of the Mohammad’s (sawa) family -Al Uh Bayt. When Musa Al Sadr vanished it was a great tragedy for people everywhere who admired his efforts. Today his legend lives on and so do many questions regarding his whereabouts.

Many different theories have prompted suggesting the beloved Musa al Sadr could have been kidnapped or even murdered in an effort to frame Gaddafi and weaken his relations with the Islamic Shi’a world. Other theorist have suggested that Moammar Gaddafi held Musa al Sadr under the order of western powers who viewed Sadr’s popularity in the Middle East as a threat towards their own agendas. Another theory links Israeli Mossad or Israeli agents to his disappearance as Israel also viewed a growing Shi’a presence in the Middle East as a threat. No theory however is strong enough to give-way on what really happened to the popular vanished Imam. All theories however are worth probing. Finally, in an effort to find Musa al Sadr, militants in Lebanon recently questioned Hannibal Gaddafi for answers over several days.

“Hannibal Gadhafi appeared in video aired by a Lebanese television station Friday saying he had been treated well. In the video, Gadhafi demanded information about an Iranian-Lebanese cleric, Imam Moussa al-Sadr, who disappeared in Libya decades ago, according to The Associated Press.”

They obtained little to no significant evidence to link anyone to the Al Sadr mystery. Hannibal was aired on television pleading, “anyone with any information on Musa al Sadr, please come forward with answers”. May we some day have our Imam Musa back, if not then to Allah may he return.

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