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Islam: A Short Word of Advice for New Converts

     One of the challenges of being a newcomer to Islam is finding your place in Islam. You might decide to follow one of the many different religious communities Islam has to offer, Sunni, Shi’a , or no particular concentration on any religious school of thought. Whatever your choice is, it’s always good to find a guide who shares your interest in Islam. Particularly one who has much knowledge to guide you through your difficulties and help you grow as a Muslim.
     Here is a little something you should know when coming to Islam and putting yourself in the hands of a mentor. Islam is a way of life that embraces forms of good etiquette, moral, and of course vast knowledge of the spiritual world. Make sure you have a good teacher, guide or mentor in Islam with the best behavior, one who is at peace in mind and heart to offer you a fair understanding of Islam. You especially do not want to be guided by someone who harbors prejudice or encourages violence. If your mentor is teaching you how to excessively hate others over worship, then you risk being judged by the Almighty for adopting any negative behavior. This is not good for your learning experience or pure heart as a newcomer to Islam. You want to keep your beautiful new Muslim heart clean and polished.
Next, make  sure that they offer you an array of knowledge and insight on Islam and that they kindly mention different beliefs that challenge one another within Islam so you can weigh them out for yourself.
    Overall, A good guide should be like a good scientist who has much knowledge and insight on all the possibilities and theories within their studies. They should also have the best of manners and be a good listener for all your concerns on Islam. Please choose wisely ❤ Just showing a little love ❤
Your sis Antonia –
Words from Islam to think on when choosing guidance below:
One day We shall call every group of people by their respective Imams. (Qur’an 17:71)

“And We assigned from among them some Imams who GUIDE by Our authority since they were patient and believed firmly in Our Signs.”(Qur’an 32:24)

“So ask the people of the Reminder [Scriptures — the Tawraat (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel)] if you do not know”

And We made them (but) Imams inviting to the Fire; and on the Day of Judgment no help shall they find. In this world We continued to curse them; and on the Day of Judgment they will be among the hateful. (Qur’an 28:41-42).

[al-Anbiya’ 21:7]

So he has to strive to ask one whom he trusts among those who are well known for their knowledge, virtue, piety and righteousness.

Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 5/56

“Whenever you take a decision, place your trust in God and act in accordance with your own opinion and wish.” (3:159)

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