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An Open Letter to The Islamic Republic of Iran

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I wrote this simple note years ago on my Facebook, it was titled A Letter To the Islamic Republic of Iran. I have been reported many times for it on Facebook, since the time of 2011-2012, when I initially added it to the notes section. I revised and re-shared it recently, and I was immediately blocked from Facebook once more. It is accurate to say Facebook is not pro-Iran or friendly to anyone that does not serve their interests or Israels. If you are not waging a propaganda war against Iran, Facebook is no friend to you. I have made no mistake in sharing the truth and violated none of the community standards. Now, I can go on with the various reasons why that is so, but that would distract you from the point of this very post. This letter was one of my many olive branches extended towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. I am now posting it on my blog for safe keeping. Please read, share, and comment as you wish!

I would like to extend my heartfelt apology to the great nation of the Islamic Republic of Iran: for the many negative views and comments that people, I share my birth-land with, have projected towards Iranians and their homeland. There has been much positive feedback as well, so all is not hopeless or a total loss. I would like to make clear the reason for so much negativity arising from Westerners towards Iran: I perceive these views as being part of a greater strategy used to divide a society that is later meant to be conquered by the western nation and her allies.

History of the USA and her servants, if you know it well, should serve as evidence for the type of psychological warfare used against Iran. First, they will laugh at and insult your great leaders with childish behavior and derogatory memes. Then, they will target your people and culture who are firm in their support of their leaders, their traditions, their culture, and faith. They are condescending in their attitudes, assuming their own leaders and traditions are more “civilized” or better than your own. Their large egos shaped by ethnocentrism, puppets, media and a dysfunctional society will tell them they have some sort of superiority over all other people, especially those of their “enemy” nation: Iran. Some may come off as friends and try to befriend Iranians in hopes of changing you so that you may be shaped by their views–without realizing they probably learned more from you than their own culture can teach them. Too many people think they have a right to force change on others and turn you against your own people and nation because they believe all people should be molded in their image–as if they are gods and they expect you to serve them. I know this game of some westerners well because my ancestors were trapped in this web they spun: and many still are. I believe the people of Iran to be smarter, rather than to fall for these maneuvers and psychological tactics. If you should turn against your own country of Iran, because you sold yourself to be branded by the enemy, adopting their image for yourself, may you be guided to the light of truth and honor!

Today, USA is a failing nation made up of many failed states, though it comes off to the world as powerful, just and mighty–this is only an illusion. People who follow the warring traditions of the USA know that Iran is not the problem. On the macro-scale USA is losing global popularity and support; meanwhile, quickly looking to gain other allies and more resources by making Iran the next target for war. The USA with their friends has waged wars that have killed millions only in the past decade. Failing Western empires and their military forces are desperate to bring the Middle East down with them, as nations within it are viewed as a threat towards their power. They have allowed their men and women to walk free after raping, torturing, and committing murder sprees all over the Middle East. The next target for the USA and their western allies is the Islamic Republic Of Iran. As you know Iran has been on their hit list for nearly a century, no matter who resides over Iran as a ruler. I have faith that the Iranian people are intelligent enough to remain in solidarity against the bullish and arrogant attitudes of the western people and their allies (Saudi Arabia, UK, Israel, and so on… )in order to defend their beautiful homelands. I have faith that the Iranian people and their existing government can work together to resolve all internal issues, as they have made great progress in a short 30 years since Imam Khomeini (RA) led a revolution that sparked the rebirth of Iran. The progression is phenomenal, considering countries that target Iran with sanctions and Cold War, in order to damage Iran’s economy, have not made the same social and economical progressions that Iran has made throughout their own history–all the while bearing the weight of war and sanctions. In the USA, for instance, not much has changed since Europeans invaded the pre-Americas, in fact, you could say things are worse off. The quality of land, life, sea, and air has been dwindling in many areas, the environment becomes less appealing, sustainable, and, of course, there is less opportunity to be made by the people. More recently, USA has become a machine for brutality and war under the guidance of their aggressive allies: Israel and Saudi Arabia. People like to call it the land of the free, I call it the land of the wild and free to do as you please–if it involves no moral.

People I know who moved to the USA from Iran can probably confirm that these measures on US society are correct. They can tell you, after living so many years among these “civilized” people of the USA, it is not so great as some would have you believe. On the global scale, USA has some of the highest divorce rates, the unhealthiest people, STDs — as one in every 4 teenage girls have an incurable sexually transmitted disease. People living with HIV or Aids continues to rise drastically in the USA and many other western nations, due to sexual deviance as reports and research shows. We Americans, living in the USA, have the highest rates of teenage pregnancies among the industrialized world. Young girls barely able to care for themselves are caring for several children without a father–in some cases at the age of 11 or younger–with an average age of teen pregnancies being 15 years in the USA. Rape is another element with an astonishingly high occurrence in the USA; for both gender groups. The USA is on top as one of the nations with the highest reported rape cases; many rapes go unreported because both man and women fear retaliation and shame in the so-called “civilized” USA. Child sex abuse, child pornography, child sex trade, child runaways are also among the great cesspool of social problems in the USA that the government cannot seem to get under control. Children are forced to do unspeakable things in the public education system.  Voices and advocates for abused children in the USA are almost non-existent. The US is too busy trying to come up with ways to slam Iran’s human rights issues ( a pretext of war)  and the Iranian people rather than worry about their own people. Moreover, random mass shootings in the USA are also a norm, carried out by terrorist organizations within the USA (Not ISIS or Muslims). They tend to ignore homegrown terrorism while putting more emphasis on the much marginalized Muslim people.  US crime rates in relation to drugs, thefts, and so forth are also high. No home is safe in the USA without several locks or bars on the windows. Innocent men and women sit on death row as executions are carried out in several states. The US has 3,000 children spending the rest of their lives in filthy prisons. These children in US prison facilities are subject to rape, slavery, and other forms of abuse by guards and older adult inmates. Many of the imprisoned children commit suicide because of the trauma and abuse within US prison walls. The highest incarceration rate in the world goes to the USA as well, where they still imprison and kill innocent black men and women. USA “vigilantes” and border security are also hard at work killing innocent people who cross borders from South America looking to better their lives, hoping to find honest work in the USA. Police brutality is everywhere and on the rise in the USA, since police are given too much power, authority, and control over the average citizen. The list of USA’s crimes against the people seems to have no end.

I can go on and on about the billions who have suffered historically and present day, inside and outside of USA, due to their brutal policies. Can you even begin to compare the injustices within Iran or any nation as being equal to that of USA’s injustices? No, you cannot, so don’t let them tear apart the Iranian nation on account of propaganda. Remind the USA to fix their own issues next time they comment on Iranian policies and way of life. Iranians have that right to speak against the arrogant, greedy fools of the west. Iranians have a valuable right to protect their people and nation from being fragmented and divided by the west. Society is the fabric of the nation, if you rip one thread out of place, eventually, the entire quilt falls apart, don’t let Iran be that ragged quilt that has fallen apart beyond the condition of repair.


(To those who have shared or copied parts of it to pass off as their own, lending no credit to the author, which I have seen. I am a forgiving soul, just do not forget to give back to the less fortunate after you have used it for a paycheck!)


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