Snow? Snow!

Wonderful! #Iran

Journey Through My Life

If you’re from Texas like me, than you’ll most likely get why I was so happy to see snow! I mean, how often do you see SNOW in Texas? Not often, right? The last time I saw snow was when I was about 7! Can you believe that? Bet you can’t!


Can we stop for just a moment and enjoy this view?

In order to see the snow we went all the way up into the mountains. It was all so unexplainably beautiful… I had never seen anything like it! When I was little yeah I saw snow, but nothing like this! We ended up hiking to our little family house in the Alborz Mountains (Northern, Iran)/ We hiked because most cars are not equipped to handle heavy snow. I am NOT an experienced hiker by the way. So hiking miles in the cold and snowy weather was super duper…

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