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About Our Prophet Mohammad (sawa)

It’s the birthday of Mohammed (SalAllahu Allahi Wa Aleh) today. A man that some people love to insult and really know very little about. A man that even his followers do little justice for – when they can’t keep their own cool – as he was noted to do so very well. He is a man that is believed to be one way by one sect and another way by other sects.


What many Muslims fail to teach humans outside of Islam is; he was man that taught people how to love. Mohammed (pbuh) showed many people how to open their hearts to God and towards others. He taught others to worship and give with compassion at a time when they thought more about themselves. He taught man how to love, respect and protect their wives and children. He was a man that was influenced by all the prophets before him, beginning with Adam (pbuh). The Islamic prophet Mohammed carried on all the traits of those before him until God made him the seal of all faiths.


With all these great qualities he had and that he tried to pass down, he was slandered in his days throughout the centuries. He is often misunderstood even by many of his own followers. 1500 years later – thanks to false propaganda, tainted ideals by certain religious and non religious groups, and exploitation of his teachings – a false image of a man who was known to sit quietly in prayer while people insulted him, continues to run along his legacy. This was a plan devised to run out his legacy, in my opinion. Over a billion Muslims still battle the misconceptions of their beloved prophet(pbuh) and they do not do it with a sword. These are the Muslims that follow his true path. He never took out a sword-as others would have you think-when he was bullied or ridiculed. Mohammad (sawa) had this little thing called tolerance and a greater gift called FORGIVENESS.


He prayed for those who were weak in character, closed in mind, heart and faith. If he was anything like Dai’sh or ISIS his legacy would have never lasted for centuries. Billions of people would have never followed in his direction successfully in the past and present. So these men who are aggressors and spreading hatred saying, they are one way or another in the way of Allah and our prophet(pbuh) really need to make an effort to think on the real man he was. They need to stop playing into this western ideal of what some people would like you to think he was…


Try giving back a gift to our prophet(pbuh) today for his guidance, by getting to know who he was and trying to be more like him, InshaAllah.


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