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If the headline on this story is new to you, please do not go back to sleep!This is a must read.

You recall years ago when B. Netanyahu showed off his childish art skills drawing a “red line”? He did this in order to desperately convince us that Iran had plans for a nuclear weapon and was so close to building one. It was during his speech at the UN General Assembly a few years ago. We had so much fun making new memes of him didn’t we? We were so ticked! But what irritated many of us was that he insulted our intelligence.

We saw that big ego reveal itself once more. Oh c’mon, I thought! They said they had evidence for Iran’s nuclear capabilities but where did they stash it? Where was all the evidence for these claims? No one could ever give the people (who asked questions at least) such crucial details that would entice us into paying any mind on a notion that Iran had nuclear bombs. The evidence they claimed they had was never revealed. Netanyahu’s speech was a dodgy speech altogether much like the CIA. Any evidence claimed to be gathered by CIA was tied up at that moment because they had been ousted on all their shady claims. Iran having nuclear weapons could not be sold any longer to the people by CIA though there were some outdated folk who still believed. Claims against Iran and their supposed nuclear weapons were nothing but a hoax. A hoax US leaders like Condoleezza Rice had tried hard to cover up for the Bush administration. They lacked all credibility to support Iran was n- bomb building. The claim was an outright lie, a horrible excuse that passed among congress for collective punishment and sanctions on Iranians pressed on by our US leaders and their Israeli bosom buddies. On that day of Netanyahu’s speech we the people with no proof to continue on with the sham, were subjected to art work a chimpanzee could do and were supposed to take that as proof. Not all of us were so stupid; sadly many sheep were still caught up in the phony bologna.
Today many of those sheep are missing out on one of the biggest scandals in US history that would have put nuts like Netanyahu on the stand right then and there had truth revealed it sooner.


In recent years as more westerners have woken up to the actualization that sanctions are cruel and inhumane form of torture…western powers have grappled for excuses to continue this barbaric practice of isolating and starving Iran. But in order to go on with the torture, they had to prove their nuclear bomb claims first. How would they do that, especially if they were wrong and Iran had no nuclear capabilities? I am sure they would not stoop as low as trying to plant bomb evidence in Iran just to prove their assumptions did exist! Or, gulp, would they? Yes they would and that is why CIA is on trial today and of course many of the sheep are missing the action in a courtroom.

This historically crucial trial that is taking place in Virginia, it is open to the public, with star witnesses like Condoleezza Rice, and sadly many seats are empty! “The media is MIA, and during lunch break the two tables at the cafe across the street are occupied, one by the defendant and his lawyers, the other by a small group of activists, including former CIA officer Ray McGovern, blogger Marcy Wheeler (follow her report of every detail at, and Norman Solomon who has organized a petition at” You can research both court hearing attendees for their take on this mess. Updates on this trial are crucial to every person that desires the utmost truth on Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities and what the USA knows and what they have lied about! The case against the CIA agent in a Virginia courtroom today lays out proof CIA, Israel (who uses CIA data to prove their claims on Iran) and other agents of the west have lied on Iran’s nuclear program. Better yet they have no evidence to make any assertion, offer any honest or intelligent insight on WMD obtained by other nations including Syria, Iran and Iraq. As you read deeply into this post which touches on the court hearing of former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling you will be brought much closer to truth on the facts of Iran’s nuclear capabilities than ever.

It has come to light now that CIA has spent years literally years and billions of dollars on creating evidence and nuclear weapons parts themselves in order to carry on with their claims that Iran and even Iraq had nuclear bomb building capabilities. Why do that? To drag us into another war with Iran it seems. They cheated people all over the world into war before and this is another one of those incidents that if not for whistle blowers like Sterling and journalist like James Risen, the USA may have dragged Americans into another bloody war set up by the CIA. The CIA cheated and lied to billions of people on Iran’s nuclear bomb making capabilities and few people are becoming very aware as they pay close attention to this court hearing. If you know nothing about this case please allow me to inform… Years ago a CIA agent (Sterling) blew the whistle on a major crime being committed by CIA in an operation that has been ongoing since the 90’s. He took his story to a journalist, Risen who faced pressure from the US government before the story was out not to release it. He managed to publish a book over this ordeal, which I regretfully have not read. However, Risen fails to name the agent that leaked him this valuable information for his protection. Sterling is thought to be his source although many where involved in the operation and could have been useful to him as well.

It was revealed to Risen that the CIA along with Russian informants set out to frame Iran in order create evidence and back their lie on WMD that Iran had nuclear weapons. Iran of course did not take the bait, the Iranians were much smarter than what was speculated by CIA, “The story is this. The CIA drew up plans for a key part of a nuclear bomb (what a CIA officer on Wednesday described in his testimony as “the crown jewels” of a nuclear weapons program), inserted flaws in the plans, and then had a Russian give those flawed plans to Iran.” (Swanson -14/1 2015) In English as they tried to pass it off as Russian and Iraqi blue prints! It all began as one lie that quickly spread out of control and rolled out into greater lie that almost brought US to the brink of another major disaster and possible war with Iran. This entire web the CIA walked itself into seems only to reveal the inferior reality of an agency who claims in their own title to be synonymous with intelligence.

The name of the failed CIA operation was known as “Operation Merlin”. Mary Wheeler who is carefully following the case wrote the following in her article, “But even the timing of the operation raises questions about its efficacy. The CIA started this operation in summer 1996, at a time when (according to national lab scientist Walter C, who testified Wednesday) they believed Iran was a “nascent proliferators.” It took 9 months to reverse engineer a functional design from the intelligence a second Russian asset had provided, until April 1997. The national lab spent 8 months developing flaws and testing them, until late 1997. After that, a set of US experts “Red Teamed” the blueprints, looking for flaws; they only found 25% of the flaws but nevertheless were able to build something workable from the plans in 5 months, in May 1998. It then took over a year to get approval to use these things and get export control approval. There’s no reason to believe the Iranians could work as quickly as the US Red Team. Nevertheless, the US spent 3.5 years setting up the first offer for something that a Red Team was nevertheless able to use within 5 months.”

Another item that was brought into question at the hearing was the “laptop of death”, supposedly this laptop was acquired after operation Merlin was put into play by US intelligence. It held everything needed to claim Iran had a nuclear weapons programs, however Iranians successfully have been able to prove it was a fake. Oh I wonder who planted it!? Especially when in 2007, (in a National Intelligence Estimate released to the public, though that was not explained to the jury)the CIA had judged that Iran had no nuclear weapons program.

More from the “Agency of Intelligence”? Wheeler goes on to write, “Then there are really curious problems with the story, as told. For example, according to Walter C and Bob S’ testimony, the CIA and national lab were very intent to build something that looked like a Russian schematic, complete with gaps in information that might arise from Russia’s compartmented nuclear development system (for some reason they had no concern that this would identify the other Russian asset involved in the operation, whose knowledge tracked that gap). In addition, purportedly, they were trying to hide that the Russian called Merlin at the trial — who had a post office box set up to correspond with potential targets, presumably in the US, and who emailed potential targets from the US — was in the US. In spite of both these details, however, they insisted on keeping the parts list — on what was supposed to be a Russian schematic reconstituted from a Russian lab — in English.”

Mary Wheeler explains another coincidental CIA led operation. “On June 25, 2003, on the evening before George Tenet had to testify to Congress about why the US had found no WMD in Iraq, CIA hailed the claims of an Iraqi nuclear scientist, Mahdi Obeidi” Mahdi claimed to have stashed a blueprint and working parts from an Iraqi centrifuge that he buried in his backyard since 1991. “The story was riddled with internal contradictions, which didn’t stop Obeidi from having the almost unparalleled luck among Iraqi WMD scientists of settling in the vicinity of CIA headquarters. One of the oddest parts of Obeidi’s story is that the blueprints, purportedly developed in Iraq by Iraqis from German plans — which CIA briefly posted on its website, then took down — were in English.” Cough, sound a bit familiar? Risen’s book on Operation Merlin, does indicate the plan set up by the CIA may have been used again!


(On June 26, 2003, CIA posted nuclear blueprints written in English on its website, claiming they were Iraqi.)

“According to testimony on Wednesday, Bob S confirmed a top counter proliferation official revealed that between 2001 and 2003, CIA had used the Russian dubbed Merlin to approach “other countries believed to be interested in WMD.” More troubling still, a March 11, 2003 cable introduced into evidence revealed that — after Iran had not taken the bait at all back in 2000 — CIA had started to try again with Merlin to reach out to Iran. In 2003, at a time when many worried an invasion of Iran would quickly follow the dodgy imminent invasion of Iraq, the CIA attempted to dump flawed nuclear blueprints into Iran’s hands via their asset, Merlin.” What is even more clear to us now is if CIA really believed Iran had nuclear weapons why then go through all this trouble and deceit to prove it!? I mean if they had real proof they would not have to frame Iran for it now would they?

In Risen’s affidavit to this court fighting his subpoena, he said, “I made the decision to publish the information about “Operation Merlin” because the case against Iraq was based on flawed intelligence on Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction, including its supposed nuclear program.” Risen then cited a 2005 report it described American intelligence on Iran as inadequate to allow firm judgments about Iran’s weapons programs. Risen noted, “increasing speculation that the United States might be planning for a possible conflict with Iran, once again based on supposed intelligence concerning weapons of mass destruction.”
Finally, regardless of how wrong CIA was, and how criminal and mischievous there acts were, none of this will help Jeffrey Sterling. According to court attendees, Judge Leonie Brinkema said yesterday that all the government has to do is to prove Sterling is one of Risen’s sources.



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