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Man Haron Monis and the Consequences of Making Friends with the Enemy of your Enemy…

We have all heard the quote “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The western world knows it well and often acts on it without thinking of the repercussions. Eager to combat and find any grain of hostility towards their enemies-especially in a country they target for future destruction like Iran-has led them into a frenzy of adopting any wack job enemy of the Islamic republic of Iran.

A recent example of this strategy used by the west is Man Haron Monis. You know the guy who is infamous and dead now for taking people hostage in Australia? Now, before the white supremacist start blaming a nationality or before the fanatics start saying crap like “another example of the religion of peace”, “kill all the Muslims” and start posting anti Islamic John Wayne memes and so on let me be one to say that, crying “Muslim “,”Jihadist” and “Islamist” every time a lone nut somewhere does something bad does not get people closer to the truth. In fact, these reactions only dig them deeper into ignorance, so lets get the full story straight before you play John Wayne on your high horse.

One very disturbed man acted alone yesterday at a Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia, unlike what news was first reporting, that he was one among several gunmen. Monis’s background also shows that he happened to be one of several people in opposition to Islamic Republic of Iran the country he was born in. The west with their allies are known to give heavy support towards Iranian opposition no matter what their past looked like in Iran. So what was his past like in Iran? He caused problems for Iran according to many sources and was also a con artist.  Iran noticed he was very Jones like or better yet David Koresh like  (Cult leaders). He was a man who had wild interpretations of the Sunni Islam faith. 80 percent of Iran however is Shi’ite and he abandoned this faith pledging intelligence with ISIS.  Though he claimed he was targeted by Iran for his religious practices and “liberal” interpretations of Islam, Iran had their obvious reasons for restricting and limiting his actions. He was warned about his wild interpretations of religion and was asked to tone it down, of course he did not and this built onto his criminal record in his own country. Iran did not view his ideologies as liberal but rather extreme. This should have been a red flag to others that Iran initially realized he was dangerous or something was off about him…I am often told in Iran many people who get granted asylum like MKO (a known terrorist group that US and their allies protect) do this to avoid paying for crimes they commit in Iran. They know how desperate these anti-IRI nations are like Australia. Australia just loves any anti-Iran propaganda. People like Monis know their weakness and know exactly how to escape their own system and punishments by using “human rights” groups to help them escape punishment. So like many others before him and like others do today, he cried out “human rights” and of course they (Australia) came running to his aid because Iran at one point jailed him.

Australia using him as a political weapon against a country they hate-for no good reason-granted him all the freedom he wanted to practice his off interpretations of religion and gave him asylum. He was a nut who used that Australian freedom to lead people to believe he was an Ayatollah. Ayatollahs in Iran must go through years of and years of education before they are given such a high status. They must also have special documentation both Iranian clerics and Ayatollahs, Man Haron had neither one. Australia just seemed to go along with his lies even though they received warnings by real Shi’ite clerics that he was an impostor.  I was informed by Iranians that he was not even a Sheikh, he was a very unknown man. He only  styled himself after one all on his own in Australia, impostor much? He was foolishly passed off as an Ayatollah for anti-Iranian propaganda in Australia as well landing him some minimal fame as an Iranian voice of opposition. While in Australia charges of sexual assault piled up on him and later he was perused for the murder of his wife. Australia believes that he acted with his then girlfriend now wife in his wife’s murder. After facing charges for killing his wife in Australia and other charges of sexual violation, he claimed Iran gov. was behind it all and setting him up. This accusation was made in order to try to get out being charged for murder and assault, it seemed to help Monis before, right? While charges piled on Haron became more unstable.

Yesterday Man Haron Monis went to the Sydney Lindt cafe and took 40 people hostage. In a 16 hour stand off with Australian police, Monis was killed and 2 others (hostages) are dead. Australia could have prevented all this if they did a criminal background check and were not so desperate to support just anyone who is Iranian opposition. Maybe they did do a criminal check but you know desperate time for Australian gov, because they seemed not to mind his criminal history in Iran. If they cared more for their people rather than using any criminal from Iran as a political tool, it could have all been avoided. What people need to understand for their own security is Australia, Britain, and USA are taking in many bad guys simply to bring down the Islamic Republic of Iran,  a country they have indiscriminately targeted and loathed for decades. This will come back on innocent people if they continue down this reckless path. To further understand my point; Research MKO and USA connection with.

Finally, I would like to add while all this is going on in Aussi, back in USA a white colored, war vet, with red hair and freckles is on the lose slaughtering innocent people. Is he Christian? Why not label him a Christian red head terrorist or why not label him the Ginger bread killer in time for the holidays? Why the prejudice towards ethnicity and religion because of one nut job in Australia or anywhere in the first place?

Photo; David Koresh a White American MALE, Self labeled Christian preacher “Spiritual Healer”, who took several people hostage during a standoff with FBI in Waco, Texas. During the FBI’s raid dozens of innocent people were burned, shot and ended up dead.


Sources with background on Man Haron Monis

Who Created Cartoon Character “Man Haron Monis” Behind “Sydney Siege” Circus?

The following bits from

“However, later in 2008, Monis/Boroujerdi’s activities drew the attention of real Shia’a religious leaders in Australia who asked Australian security agents to investigate him. In an Australian article titled, “Call to probe mystery Shia cleric,” it was reported that:

FEDERAL agents have been urged by the nation’s senior Shia leader, Kamal Mousselmani, to investigate an Iranian man purporting to be a prominent Islamic cleric.

Sheik Mousselmani told The Australian yesterday the mystery cleric – who has been identified as Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi on his website after appearing under the name Sheik Haron – was not a genuine Shia spiritual leader.

He said there were no ayatollahs – supreme Shia scholars – in Australia and none of his fellow spiritual leaders knew who Ayatollah Boroujerdi or Sheik Haron was.

“We don’t know him and we have got nothing to do with him,” Sheik Mousselmani said. “The federal police should investigate who he is. It should be their responsibility.”

But it was the Australian media itself who introduced him publicly as an “Ayatollah” and the Australian government that vetted him and allegedly granted him political asylum. He was allegedly in contact with the UN and was used to stir up anti-Iranian sentiment in Australia. It is then highly suspicious that now both the Australian media and the Australian government appear to have no knowledge of who he is or where he came from.

For someone used as part of the West’s anti-Iranian propaganda campaign, and who was granted political asylum into Australia, but who is now supposedly unknown to those who invited him in and used him, there is clearly more to the story of Monis/Boroujerdi – a story that may then offer insight into his latest performance. Perhaps most ironic of all is the fact that the “Iranian regime” he was used to demonize apparently did not kill his wife – instead, he himself is suspected of doing so.”


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