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Never fear the things, people or places you do not know

How beautiful is it that in Islam we are exempt of all feelings of fear but the One that leads us to Him?


Never fear the things, people or places you do not know.  Allah is so great he holds our burden of fear for us, so we do not have to fear anything but Him.

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Although, people may try to influence you to stay away from where your heart guides you. Remember that Allah wavered us of all fears but ONE, when he said, it is only Him we should fear and nothing else. It is God who will judge us finally and only Him. Nothing and no one is greater than Him, our Creator, Allah. We are only to be concerned with Him as our ultimate judge.

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Sometimes those things that we fear may actually be a good thing for us and take us straight to the path and light of heaven. After all, I do know many who stepped into the light of Islam and spiritually progressed after they let go of their fears for the unknown.

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