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I Love Mantras! What is Next? Astral Travel!?

Expressing My Writing Goals in Mantra Form

I am the type of woman who likes to set goals every time I embark upon a new journey. From now on, I look at this site as a new challenge in my life. My concern today was, I must set a fine example of Muslims on behalf of 1.7 billion Muslims out there. The world is full of Muslims, millions upon millions of Muslims and not one is perfect. I am not perfect. I am but another flawed creation of God.


I have realized nearly all my life that I need much self improvement. I realize that I am not the only one of course with issues. Maybe there are others who understand my spirit as a reflection of their own, maybe you?  This site is my way of becoming a better Muslima, one who is encouraging and supportive of other Muslims or even non-Muslims who strive to become better humans overall.

We can get better and build ourselves up. We are not limited creatures as we are often told. We are not absolutely doomed when we fall, we get back up. Islam supports that we have room to grow and to build both mentally and physically.  I believe all humans can be so infinitely good! I want to show all in a positive light just how amazing we can be.

annienewest 169

This is in turn my way of learning and growing along with such a beautiful Ummah. So of course, I need to set my goals straight in another mantra to get started with this project.

I invite anyone to use these Mantras even as little Dua’s if they find them useful. If you want more scroll through my post or categories. If you want assistance in making your own for situations from your past, future or present drop me a line. I can only be here to help you and hope that my moral strength is enough. As always say the chant three times. I find it best to memorize a good Mantra and repeat while in a meditation like state of mind.

” I am not here to hate. I am not here to dictate over the things people do. I am not here to say, “I am better than you.” I am here because I am simply me; a compassionate soul that is ready to lift the souls of others. I ask Allah to give me stregnth and to be a like a shining light in the fog, so we do not lose our way in this Dunya” – IranianHiker



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