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General Qassem Suleimani: The Thinker Of Our Time

In an attempt to explain the failure of aggressive western operations against Syria and Iraq, proposals have been put forth by the western controlled media that suggest “Iran is financially funding Iraq against ISIS” or delivering “heavy arms” to regions threatened by ISIS like Iraq and Syria, as some journalist have on sites like Middle East Monitor. These suggestions, intentionally, undermine the utter logic and truth behind another failed attempt to sabotage the Islamic Republic of Iran and their allies. Western media is afraid to admit that weapons have little to do with Iran’s success.

However, there is one major factor the media tends to stray from all together, they know the secret of Iran’s success: but, they ignore it. Perhaps it is pride upon realization that Iran, for once, actually has something the aggressors do not have? The one thing that hurts the pride of the aggressors–USA’s leaders, other western nations and their ISIS fighters–would be for them to admit that Iran is winning against some of the most powerful entities by way of intelligence–by way of careful thought and planning for years. Therefore, those that serve the axis of aggression simply make up lies, because no one wants to admit they are losing a war, because they failed to use their noggin’.

Iranian intelligence and progressive thought, as of now, is breaking the backbone–if they have one–of terrorists in Middle Eastern Asia. Meanwhile, the Western world has been arrogant with their beliefs that money, a never ending supply of weapons and artillery (sent to “moderate fighters”) would render them successful in an act of aggression against any nation—no matter how innocent that nation is. Arrogance has, ultimately, led to the failure of the West in terms of their wars and strategies waged on Middle Eastern regions… It is evident that whomever is responsible for the terror raids against Syria, Iraq, and Iran has not given their actions much intellectual thought, nor have they formulated a constructive blue-print for their arbitrary attempts at taking over oily territories. The Western Cabal charges into foreign lands sloppily and overconfident, without any promising methods that would grant them success and claim over territories desired by greedy prospectors. (Maybe they put Sun Tzu on the back burner this time?)

Most of what the West does is based on ego and greed: these traits, collectively shared by Western leaders and their pawns, become acts of desperation, eventually leading to failure. Typical western ideologies and behavioral traits have been adopted by ISIS–which make for short term solutions, but with damaging long term effects, comparable to how the Iraq/US war played out. Their lust for one man, Bashar Al Assad, has led them to stray from the idea that although you can try to take down a man, you cannot kill an idea. Ideas have led to the downfall of FSA, ISIS, Al Qaeda (Western and Israeli foot soldiers) and other terrorist groups who attracted free radical clingy cells in the Middle East. Those same ideas have led to the success of Syria and Iraq with little support to go on from other nations (nor did they receive a pouring of arms from rich Saudi or Qatari “brothers” in faith like FSA has). It was not weapons that led to their success, their armies were not among those most powerful or with the numbers, but it is the concept of concept itself, that helped these nations. Thus, the pen has been mightier than the sword in the case of Iran and their allies. The use of brain cells rather than terror cells has led to the ongoing success to keep the Iraqi and Syrian government in place and in play, but by whom? Who is the master mind defeating the terrorist in the Middle East?

One such guru of great military strategics and skill, said to be the brains behind such success is the Iranian Qods Force Commander, Major General Qassem Suleimani. He is the present day Sun Tzu, whom has made modern warfare and modern strategical defense his art form, after being in the battle field for nearly forty years (something many American no nothing about). Those years of practice and knowledge have paid off and saved many lives, no doubt.

A senior Iranian cleric has said of Suleimani that his ideas are more effective against Islamic State (IS) militants than their weapons. Grand Ayatollah Hossein Noori Hamedani said, “Suleimani’s intelligence and ideas have defeated the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.” Over the past several weeks, the media in a frenzy has actively prompted reports of Suleimani’s presence in Syria and particularly in Iraq, where he is thought to have led the offensive with Iraqi Army against IS militants in the town of Jurf Al-Sakhar.

Hamedani said, “While there were a great many arms present in those countries, Suleimani’s ideas were more effective than any weapon.” In his comments, Hamedani seemed to use the term “IS” to mean not just Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, but also to imply a wider existential enemy threat to Iranians. The Grand Ayatollah made his comments to the leader of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization, Brigadier General Gholemreza Jalali. The term used to describe the actions of actually thinking things through is, “Passive defense.”  Passive defense is made up of a conglomerate of ideas and strategies or soft measures taken to defend against potential threats. And it seems to work best for Iran, as their leaders make great effort to maintain a balance by not getting sucked into a full-on war; one of the many goals of the western allies with their key players in the Middle East. Passive defense is logical, sensible and effective in such situations, and is a key part of Iran’s military strategy in effort to minimize the effects of damages and losses from an enemy attack.

Finally, although the concept of actually using and applying righteous ideas may just seem like common and moral sense–ISIS seems to be lacking much sense along with their teammates in USA. Both entities never considered the consequences of well- thought-out and strategic forms of defense, after launching their attacks on ME nations, and now their lack of planning has greatly backfired.



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