Monogamy is not dead!

 It’s so refreshing to see strong monogamous couples who have been married for many years. Every time my husband and I stepped out together, in our village, we often bumped into his mother and father walking side by side. They were always glowing,  I was reminded of how precious love is. They went everywhere with big smiles on their faces and light in their eyes. You could read such happiness on their faces and feel their love if you stood close enough to them. I looked through their photos of the past, I noticed the expression on their faces never changed. The light within and around them just seemed stronger as they aged. Through the years, he was always her guardian and she was always his care taker in the home. Many days I watched him leave her. Before he went out–usually while she sat feeding everyone or serving us tea–he kissed her on the forehead. In that moment she glowed, she would really blush like a young girl with a crush! It just lit me up to see this! After 45 years of being married how beautiful is that?



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