Why don’t you?

Some people do not have time to even think about a romantic life, their sexual orientation, friends, celebrity life styles, abortion and so on… They are too busy fighting for their lives, their right just to be brought into this world without be gunned down by IDF, just a chance to breath…Those are the people I dedicate my life and extra time to. So when I am asked, why I do not post on other things like government issues in Iran, pretty red rectangles that symbolize this and that, and all the other little life squabbles people have…I really do not have time to think on this, sorry not to be a part of that. I think it’s a little selfish, I guess. I’m thinking about those who are being slaughtered by Israel, the Muslims in Burma being killed off by the dozens, the shi’ia be-headings, genocide of middle easterners by western foot soldiers…They are the ones that deserve more of my time and more voices. They deserve at least a chance to make life choices someday. Someday they may get to worry about the things every normal person worries about, until then those other personal life matters, sexual orientation, religious preference…are off public discussion for me.


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