This week…


July 21st 2014

I can’t be happy this week. I wish I could post great things on my life, it is good. I have everything, a sweet home, great husband, and beautiful kids. Iran you treat me beautifully, as a woman who comes from a country that has put your people through so much death and hell, you’re so good to me. That is how it is here, they know love and mercy.
But still I am sad, everyday the honest news here shows me real events of death and misery in Palestine. We have Al Quds day, I know that is not enough to end the genocide. I try to make people aware-dedicating hours in a day-as much as I can to help Palestine. It is still not enough, as I see the death toll rise. Still not enough, as I feel the heartache of mothers and fathers who mourn over the loss of their little ones. They hold them so lovingly close, these fragile bodies of babies in pieces. I would hold my own the same. I know that loss must be hard. It is enough to make usually anyone sad. Anyone, but those heartless Americans-not all are heartless-many Americans write me and thank me for opening their hearts and minds to truth. Bless you for still having a heart, for still knowing right from wrong…But the hateful comments of American voters who have nothing better to say than, “Muslim terrorist” are overwhelming…Even when I tell them truth, that they are the ones ignorantly involved in a genocide, they cry “muzzy”, “terrorist! “. I am trying to help them really it is a favor, warning them to get informed in order to wash their bloody hands. It is never to late for forgiveness in God’s eyes. They just do not care to think for themselves it seems… Or maybe willingly, they spurt out insults and excuses (with little substance) to defend Israel’s murder spree and they know exactly what they do. They are fine with supporting genocide as long as they can live their cushy lives. Maybe this is how heartless they have always been? Maybe I am too kind to admit it is in their blood and history. Maybe I am too afraid that I may offend the heartless… I speak for humanity and life, yet I am the “terrorist” to these lost souls. They could pass up a bloody dying Palestinian child, without care or a whisper to question the place of their own hearts. They do not even see a human in me when they come to defend their beloved Israel…They do not realize I am American. I have to admit, I thankful they cannot recognize me by my nationality at times (I am so ashamed of my country). Often the ignorant old judge me by my hijab, my cover.. I’m defined by them as a “terrorist” or a “danger” for speaking truth and trying to save lives. I am not human to them. But I know, that I am human and they are too, they are just sleepwalkers…This is the way a small mind works, sad… But oh well, even when I wore their flags and drank their beer and tried be “American” I was so bad at it. I was still a “mixed breed” a “Messycan” as many white women called me. I was more inclined with my native roots and was still told to get out of “their country” because my name was not an immigrant name like Smith, Black or White. Thank God, most Iranians do not know this behavior. They see truth. When I hear the chants in Iran that denounce my old government through the windows of my work place, “Marg Bar America, Marg bar Israel! “. I hear a nation angered over the blood rituals of Israelica and they are united against these crimes, unity. I am reminded by these chants that I got away. I escaped being part of satanic blood rituals. There is almost no escape from this for so many in the USA, and I feel for them who want out…Something about these chants makes me feels so alive….I cry, not because I am scared or unhappy, but because I am relieved. I am with my people, and I am reminded I am free. But I still have this lingering sadness inside of me that never goes away because Palestinians are not free. So, I take my freedom here in Iran to speak even stronger and louder against USA and Israel’s actions…I hope many others will join us so the world can be a better place for generations to come and my sadness for the people of Palestine becomes a thing of the past. I will feel that I’ve actually lived and my life was worthy of this world when the day comes that Palestine is free.


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