Teach those and forgive those that do not recoignize when they hurt others…

At one time I could not teach, I do not think I had the patience. Now I am learning why it is so important and a crucial part of being human. For this peace of knowledge gained, I would like to send out this short message.

Regardless on what kind of general ideas people may have on Americans because of the example of the US government, the many racist Americans who support Israel, and those ones who seem only to care about all the useless things in life..There are several US Americans out there looking and struggling for ways to help Palestine. I realize it is not enough, but many people from all walks of life send me messages, regards, and are ready to be educated on Palestine history and present day conflicts. As you know most Americans are lied to and not educated on the Palestinian genocide in any of their institutions, they are learning on the net. So be patient and teach them well because if more Americans wake up they can do so much more to help Palestine InshaAllah.



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