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Iranians have faith that Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can somehow make a come back

Some Iranians have faith in that Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can somehow make a come back. He is greatly missed by the common folk! For old times sake here is a reminder of one of Iran’s best presidents.

Human of the year for a happy new year 🙂

Human of the Year Award Goes to Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

‘We need to construct our country hand in hand with one another, as pride belongs to everyone and members of this government are servants of the nation, having absolutely no claims. Till the last day of our presence, we would not spare any moment at working and spending efforts at the service of the nation and the country’


Weary of seeing the Nobel Peace Prize go to Unabombers and Zionists, liable for a cause of death among millions across the globe, I decided to scout out a bonafide individual with a genuine love for humanity and offer a bit of worthy acknowledgment towards him as Human of the Year. I favored someone who had less blood on his hands while promoting peace with real solutions. My human of the year just so happens to be one if the most inconsiderately reviled men in America (thanks to lobbyist like AIPAC who worked hard to smear my chosen human), his name is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Dr. Ahmadinejad happens to be the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran if you do not know this you are pretty lame.

So, what do you know about him or what do you think you know? The information in this piece is a bit of his background and the many reasons why I feel no condescending diplomatic moron representing the U.S. should walk out on him. Rather his faithful haters should be kissing his feet after walking through China Town barefoot. In a sense this recognition in writing I call the Human of the Year award is a bittersweet farewell to one of the shining examples of what more leaders should be like in the U.S. I am sad to say Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will no longer run for president in 2013. And because of his superior leadership qualities, like his patience towards western unawareness, arrogance, and malice of our own political leaders, I feel he is most deserving of some reverence and recognition. I do hope you read into this interesting item of my personal choice for the human of the year without stomping your feet and judging a book for its cover.


History of Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinijad

It is easy for one to be awed by Dr. Ahmadenjad’s background; he grew up very poor and had a quite modest family life. He was born Mahmoud Saborjhian on October 28, 1956, the fourth of seven children.  “His father Ahmad was a blacksmith later changed the family name from Saborjhian (which translates to “thread painter,” the lowliest job in Iran’s traditional carpet-weaving industry), to something more religious Ahmadinejad ( “virtuous people “). “ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad grew up in an Iran dominated by Western influence. Shortly before his birth, the CIA had aided in a coup d’état to inaugurate the Western puppet Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi as head of state. Many Iranians were livid with Western intrusion into Iran’s policies. Ahmadinejad, however, held no interest in politics as a young boy. “He excelled in his studies and received high marks on the national university entrance exams, finishing 130th out of 400,000 students. He entered Iran University of Science and Technology in 1975 and received his undergraduate degree in civil engineering in 1979.” It was around this time Ahmadinejad became politically active. The Shah’s tyrannical regime worked hard to eradicate all political activism and descent, Ahmadinejad clandestinely and courageously produced and dispersed anti-Shah propaganda Jiq va Dad (Scream and Shout) an Iranian periodical.  He joined the Islamic Association of Students while at the university which was a section of the Office for Strengthening Unity between Universities and Theological Seminaries. When the U.S. backed Saddam Hussein ordered Iraqi military to invade Iran in 1980, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad volunteered to fight against the Iraqis in western Iran, to protect the home of the Kurdish ethnic minority. Over a million Iranians lost their lives in the Iraq/Iran war or were Martyred. Mahmoud continues to visit homes and families of soldiers who gave their lives to defend Iran against an evil Saddam Hussein. Ahmadinejad has vowed to visit as many families as possible of those one million lives that were taken.

Years after the success of the Islamic Republic, Mahmoud was trained as an engineer and rose out of vestiges to become mayor of Tehran in 2003. Upon reaching the office in his broad victory he donated all high valued carpets to Masjids all through Tehran replacing them with the run of the mill low-value carpets. In addition like Gandhi who was known to do “lowly” jobs out of a humble place in his heart, Ahmadinejad joined street sweepers to clean the filth from the streets in his spare time. He has made sure none of his relatives reap from his high position as president including himself, he earns a small salary of $250 a month as he continues his job as a lecturer. He lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Tehran in an older house he inherited from his father years ago, his car a 1977 Peugeot. This is all he owns to date as he has a 0 balance in his bank account; it remains at 0 until he receives his regular pay from work.  He does not take a personal salary as president he holds a belief that all wealth belongs to the people of Iran and he is merely a safeguard of it. He gave up the president’s plane and flies in the ordinary economic class when traveling to spare more expenses on his nation.  Moreover, he chooses to sleep on the floor rather than a bed as he feels big beds are too luxurious for a simple man like him. This is also the way Mohammad (saws) was known to sleep. I noticed as well going through his many pictures available online that he wears the same beige wind jacket with buttons down the side in most of his photos. Simplicity and modesty are among many of his admirable qualities…During regional tours, Mahmoud visits the families who lost loved ones during the Iran/Iraq war a war instigated by Sadam Hussein and the U.S. shortly after the revolution in Iran that led to the development of the Islamic nation. Iranians and people from around the world have often referred to him as the Iranian Robin Hood, he emerged from a poor upbringing and his heart was intent on helping the poor.

Rumor has it…

Ahmadinejad is often a target of invalid claims and predisposed rumors initiated by western media because he holds a delicate position in Iran, sitting on top of Iranian oil! The west when not able to control their desires for black gold or even gold (which Iran has plenty of) will often create false/negative propaganda to demonize leaders and entire populations living in oil-rich nations, so they feel they have an excuse to rape wealthy lands. Human rights groups alike, target Iran rather than pay attention to the millions of lives at risk elsewhere like in Somalia or Burma or their own front and back doors. As far as rumors spread, it is rumored that Ahmadinejad had some involvement in the hostage crises in the early 1980’s. This rumor is a king-size FALSE! Many westerners sought to link or have outright lied about him participating in the hostage take over. Facts to these erroneous claims could never be presented; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not part of the takeover. He has often denied any involvement in the hostage crises which happened nearly 30 years ago.  Several of his political opponents who were involved in the embassy take over have also said he had no involvement in it. So there you go, a rumor fail.

Another rumor emerged after his victory as president in 2005. In 2005 he won the vote for the presidency that was called out as fraudulent by his opposition later truth revealed the claims were false and voters were essentially in favor of Ahmadinejad. US and opposition in Iranian government planted seeds to overthrow existing Iranian government and it started with calling voter fraud, as it was later discovered there was nothing fraudulent in his victory. His opponent H. Mousavi was one that many meddling people the west failed to probe for his actual involvement in the hostage crises! Yep, the guy all these human bogus, hypocritical human rights groups like United for Iran, RAHA, and Havvar support was actually supporting and promoting the very people they claimed to be against. Oddly he is favored by western human rights groups and Jewish lobbyist, hmmmmm? Are they really that dim-witted or that desperate for Persian gold? In a 1981 interview, Mousavi defended the taking and holding of American hostages by Iranian militants for 444 days as serving the revolution’s purpose. “It was the beginning of the second stage of our revolution,” following the overthrow of the shah, he said. “It was after this that we rediscovered our true Islamic identity. After this, we felt the sense that we could look Western policy in the eye and analyze it the way they had been evaluating us for many years.” The seizure also ended for good any pro-American leanings in Iran, he said. He became prime minister in November 1981 at age 39.” Mousavi is no favorite of Iranians from what I have gathered. He is also a greater advocate for Uranium enrichment than Mahmoud which is even more shocking to me since western political regimes favor Mousavi over Ahmadinejad, something to look into later perhaps? In retrospect would it not be fair to credit Ahmadinejad’s triumph for sparing the world from more disaster that could have been if Mousavi was in his place?

Please refer to the following links if you need proof;



He was accused of many things that made absolutely no sense like harboring Osama Bin Laden, obtaining nuclear weapons, and threatening to wipe Israel off the map. First off, claiming he would hide OBL is ludicrous because OBL was a major threat to Iran and their people! Many members of Taliban and terrorist organizations that stemmed from OBL training camps are responsible for attacks on Shiite shrines and Muslims on Iraq/Iran border. Iran is 80% Shia Muslim as well as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Second, the Uranium Enrichment program as noted by the atomic scientist in America has decreased by 20% since the Islamic Republic of Iran was formed. Ahmadinejad has sworn many times Iran is not interested in and is not developing nuclear weapons. At these countless people in the west believe they have every right along with pro-Israel lobbyist like AIPAC to squeeze and brutally drain the good people of Iran for what they can by calling a virtually harmless country their “biggest threat”. Do they need glasses to read that Iran has not attacked any nation in 300 years yet has been the center of terrorist attacks by Israeli Mossad agents and western spies? Ahmadinejad has probably been the most practical and forgiving man the USA has ever dealt with from Iran.  There was at one time accused American spies caught in Iran which Ahmadinejad kindly worked hard to return them back to the U.S. He got nothing for this kind motion, but the ultimate condescending punch in the face by Americans “gone illegal immigrant” in Iran crossing their borders. They went to Iran with the possible intention to revolt against a government that was not their own and came back to America with the same intentions to rip apart Iran and joined anti-Iran factions in the U.S. The twist in all this is that today they are claiming responsibility in Iran’s peaceful pursuits when if anything they made traveling to Iran a real pain in the ass for Americans.  Another fabrication to taint the presidents’ image is that he threatened to “Wipe Israel off the map” and he denied the Holocaust…Both are flat out lies and context manipulation by western media by some big hair skank on the View (TV show in the USA). The following YouTube links that cover what he really said could save one from some ignorance now;

His bold and daring speech at the U.N. General assembly is often under attack by many U.S. news channels who blatantly lie about the content of his speech.  Dr. Ahmadinejad dares to go where no one else will go. He speaks freely and honestly of world issues neglected and this is too much for some like Israel and the U.S. who cannot behave as adults and shut up and listen. Often he has stood up for Palestine; he has questioned the crimes Israel commits against the Palestinians. He has been bold enough to address many concerns on the hearts of Americans that their own government has suppressed, like that of 9/11 and the demand for an investigation in the U.S.

Throughout his presidency, although we are taught to believe otherwise, Ahmadinejad has been pushing forward for a new era of world peace and progression. If you have taken the time to read good translations his speeches are merits towards his voice for the oppressed. You will find many dubbed speeches in the U.S. mangling his true words in an attempt to humiliate or spread the false word on Iran. I am ashamed of American media values and their manipulative tactics and poor ethics that have mislead the public to develop irrational and hateful views of the Iranian president and Iran. Google has gone as far as making it impossible to find real and trustworthy news from the president of Iran (They only host to hateful and highly subjective material on Iran). This will continue until we as people do our own research into these matters, the truth is out there. We are also not well informed of Iranian advancements under the existing leadership. Contrary to what most may think Iran is a very developed nation it has become so over the past few decades with the supreme leaders who replaced the Shah of Iran.

The Progression of Iran; (Not only under Ahmadinejad but several leaders have helped it progressed)

While it seems all members of Iranian Parliament are put under the microscope of the west simply because they support the Islamic nation or they are ethnically targeted. The west neglects news of any advancements or accomplishments Iran has made especially under the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So what about the Islamic Republic and Progression of Iran during his years as president? Even being the target of lies, sanctions, manipulation for the sake of greedy motives Iran has managed to gain power and advance as the number one country in scientific achievements. The IRI has progressed despite those working against the country. Here are some statistics in the educational system of Iran. This is data of Iran now in comparison to Iran under a rule of the U.S. backed Shah 30 years ago.

  • 30 years ago student population was 170,000 it now stands at more than 3 million.
  • 30 years ago university teacher population was 5000 now it is 80,000. 30 years ago there were only 28 universities now there are is roughly 130 universities. 30 years ago female teacher (UNIVERSITY) population was 1000 and now after 30 years
  • more than 12,000.30 years ago scientific articles library consisted of 300 materials and now there are more than 22,000.
  • 92% of villages now have electricity, water, and school.

The science matrix from Canada has mentioned that Iran’s scientific progress is 11 times greater when compared to other world countries. With this phenomenal progress, Iran will be fourth in the world with scientific articles. Iran also stands as first worldwide with scientific advancements.

The following information was taken from a United Nations Report on Iran;

37. With a population of 75 million, the Islamic Republic of Iran is an upper middle-income country which has made notable progress in human development. Its human development index value for 2011 was 0.70, placing the country in the high human development category. This represents an increase from a human development index value of 0.493 in 1985 and a total increase of 42 percent or an average annual increase of about 1.4 percent.

38. The Islamic Republic of Iran is also on track to achieve most of the Millennium Development Goals particularly;

1.  1 (reducing extreme poverty),

2.  2 (achieving universal education),

3.  4 (reducing child mortality by half) and 5 (reducing maternal mortality by three quarters)”

·  39. The Islamic Republic of Iran has shown greatly improved results in health and education.

1.   Access to health care, including reproductive health care, has improved, with increased life expectancy at birth for both men and women.

2.  More people have access to safe drinking water.

3.  Maternal mortality decreased from 150 per 100,000 live births in 1990 to 30 in 2008; the under-five mortality ratio decreased to 21 out of 1,000; the proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel increased to 97.3 percent, and primary health-care coverage in rural areas stands at more than 98 percent.

4.  The country also has a literacy rate for girls of more than 90 percent, an overall literacy rate of more than 75 percent.

5.  Social security coverage encompassing 30 million people and health insurance schemes covering about 50 percent of the population.”

·   40. The Islamic Republic of Iran has also made significant progress in women’s education and health. Literacy rates among 15-24-year-old women increased from 96.1 percent in 2000 to 99.2 percent in 2008, and the ratio of girls to boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education increased from 79.2 percent in 1990 to 98 percent in 2007.

Currently, more than half of all university students are women. This progress is reflected in the increased gender development index, which rose from 0.713 in 2004 to 0.770 in 2009.”

I look at this report and I am saddened. I am saddened by recent sanctions and what western nations have been doing to squeeze the people of Iran out of life and their resources. Sanctions are a pointless and inhumane effort (I have attached how sanctions have been affecting people of Iran in the case of curiosity).  I have paid closer attention to Mahmoud and some of his speeches because of the negativity and sanctions placed on the Islamic Republic of Iran. I am quite grateful for what I’ve learned on the way because I could have easily been another ignorant hater – mislead. Maybe my choice is not perfect – but who is? I am actually still searching for flaws in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but it is really not in me to scrutinize humans in this manner. In the end, every book deserves to be read before it is judged. As I have turned his pages, I am proud of my personal Human of the year- I myself almost misunderstood him. Once I saw Zionist (not understanding Zionism then) protestors outside New York City spitting on his images and raising messages of hatred towards him it was a big effort. I wondered if I should join in this collective behavior for the sake of groupthink? It was at that point I stopped and thought of all the greats that had been hated throughout time and why they were hated. American society today tends to hate the wholesome and pure while worshiping those who are shallow and immoral. I thought of who I was. I was that person that likes to see the truth for myself before I believe what I am told by a few simple-minded people. I like to probe into the lives of those that nearly everyone hates because I learned it is them I come to value the most. My only regret in praising such a fine and smart man was that I did not do this sooner.  I could have had more time to collect material on the life of Ahmadinejad if I knew what I know now, then. I learned as well he will not run again for president of Iran after 2013 so this farewell came in handy. Good luck Mr. Ahmadinejad in life, I am simply nobody but you are the human of the year!

Lastly, as I promised I left a report on the situation now in Iran with present sanctions.

“Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran (2012) “) by the U.N. Sec. General Ban Ki-moon, in particular, see p 15, items 42 and 43.””42. The sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran have had significant effects on the general population, including an escalation in inflation, a rise in commodities and energy costs, an increase in the rate of unemployment and a shortage of necessary items, including medicine. A number of Iranian non-governmental organizations and activists have expressed concerns about the growing impact of sanctions on the population and have noted that inflation, rising prices of commodities, subsidy cuts, and sanctions are compounding each other and having far-reaching effects on the general population. They report, for instance, that people do not have access to lifesaving medicines. Furthermore, since the sanctions extend to banking transactions, many foreign banks have stopped doing business with the Islamic Republic of Iran altogether, which has made it considerably difficult for Iranians to transfer funds and for private business to obtain lines of credit.

“43. The sanctions also appear to be affecting humanitarian operations in the country. Even companies that have obtained the requisite license to import food and medicine are facing difficulties in finding third-country banks to process the transactions. Owing to payment problems, several medical companies have stopped exporting medicines to the Islamic Republic of Iran, leading to a reported shortage of drugs used in the treatment of various illnesses, including cancer, heart and respiratory conditions, thalassemia and multiple sclerosis.”  

“The enemy assumes by imposing sanctions and mounting pressure on Iran they would manage to urge us to surrender (to their will), but I believe we can overcome their plots. They wish to make us kneel down, but kneeling down is not our way. Kneeling is for those who have not recognized themselves and do not believe in their capabilities.’” – Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

United Nations Official Document


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  1. Never follow through which ways Imperialists Behave.
    I never insists in finding Evil in other People, rather i seek forgiveness from my Lord over my hidden Sin.
    Long Live Islamic Republic of Iran!!!

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