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Confronting The Epidemic of Al Qaeda Denial

Confronting the epidemic of Al Qaeda denial

Originally written on May 31, 2013 at 4:27am

     Certain followers of Islam that many refer to as Salafist or Wahabists (spin offs’ of Fundamental Sunni Islam) seem to be caught up in a trend; which involves the utter neglect and denial of the manifestation of extremism–especially within their own communities and with the existence of groups like Al Qaeda. I am perplexed by this cover up and ultimately the support of Al Qaeda, because it is against the core principals of Islam and several verses of Allah’s revelations in Qur’an. I’ve sought to understand why and what could drive people into such passive acceptance of these violent groups. I came to several conclusions:
If these extremists, people who choose not to speak out against their ideologies and their support groups submerged themselves deeply into the words of the Qur’an, they will find the denial of such evil entities is non-Islamic. Asides from that fact, I would first like to point out the very existence of Al Qaeda, its formation, and similarities to historical “holy” conquistadors in order to build a better model of understanding about what Al Qaeda truly represents other than Islam. Next, the denial and support of such sinister organizations within Islamic communities only caters to those financing these terror groups whom seek to divide the Muslim Ummah (The Islamic community as a whole–including all regions and sects that base their principals on the Qur’an). It seems also important to bring to light–for the non-believers of Al-Qaeda–the reality, those lives impacted by their horrid acts of terror, and recent news of Americans being recruited by this organization. Many innocent lives have been taken and toyed with because of the sinister practices by this controversial terrorist cult.
Part I: Acknowledging Terrorist groups have Always Been A Necessary Tool for Machiavellian-Style Governments
     There is no denying Al Qaeda–though created and perpetuated by powerful western entities–is there. It is alive and it kills. One of the most important facts of Al Qaeda people should understand is that it’s another product made in USA with help from the CIA. If you doubt me and see no sense in this–here is my reasoning [1]:
What sense would it make for CIA to create and support Al Qaeda? For this we need to look at the effectiveness of terror groups historically funded by wealthy organizations and imperialist. Al Qaeda logic can easily be compared historically to the Conquistadors of Spain who set out to conquer the “New World” or present day North and South America. [2] They took on the rich bountiful lands that they claimed to “discover” with intentions to spread their holy virtues throughout nations populated by people mistakenly called “Indians” (First Nations People). Like Conquistadors charging for wealth, Al Qaeda often goes first for the oil, artifacts, and anything that gains them wealth. The Conquistadors like Al Qaeda were loyal servants to Royal investors, bringing them back shipments of Gold and other treasures including human slaves and trophies: this “holy conquest” remains embedded in American architecture, names, and culture. They spread their beliefs aggressively upon the natives and dominated them under an oppressive Catholic regime, much like those in favor of a “Khalifa” intend to do. Those in support of a Khalifa, have set out to conquer any non-Salafist (Salafist = ultra-orthodox Sunni Muslims) nation in order to dominate the world with this form of extreme Islam: using religion for control is more than just a cog to Al Qaeda, it is the fuel that keeps them going–just as it was for Conquistadors. They have this general idea that to conquer and enforce their perception of Islam aggressively on those they terrorize will make up for all the barbarism committed along the way. We saw this with Libya, Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world where CIA backed and financed Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nursa and so on…They are known for relentless brutalization towards any non-fundamental Sunni Muslim–again, much like the conquistadors did to non-Catholics. Not only do they target the Shi’a Muslim and Christian communities, they kill, torture, and terrorize any Sunni Muslim who rejects their ideologies or political stance. The conquistadors may have been more brutal in their behavior, which is a slight difference among the two terror groups.  It was noted in journals of these “holy conquistadors” (whose practices were not at all holy) that they used the children of the natives to play a type of game which required the decapitation of an infant’s head to make points. Horrific crimes where committed against millions of Native Americans over centuries by imperialist funding religious extremist: these extremists/mercenaries raped, murdered, brought disease and virtually slaughtered 90 million natives.
Horrific crimes go on today with Saudi royalty, British Royalty, USA and so forth…funding terrorists organizations; therefore, what drove these savages to commit such heinous crimes against an innocent population is the past is much of what drives them today.

It was the “riches” the European world wanted, so they funded brutal forces/mercenaries (Machiavellian style) and swept their crimes under the rug: very similar to imperialist support of terror groups presently. Yes. The support of religious extremism was carried centuries ago for the same reasons today: the Western nations want resources and wealth from the Middle East so they are using a medieval play out of an ancient book of war to gain wait they so selfishly desire. How do you think the idea for funding present day conquistadors evolved? Think on this: Al Qaeda was never before a part of Islam until decades ago. Spontaneously, the terror group came out of nowhere dominating western headlines. Many believe, CIA created the present day conquistadors and gave 3 billion over to Osama Bin Laden in order to develop the rebel organization formed in Afghanistan. Now for those who even think to deny the existence of the group is to deny their government’s wrong doing. To deny the existence of Al Qaeda is to deny an important chunk of history.[1] (Links and articles are on the foot notes of this article)Funding Al Qaeda and training them to use as human weapons of mass destruction, to divide and conquer, is helping their masters achieve these goals through ancient methods. Furthermore, Muslims, who deny the crimes of such terror within the Islamic world, must realize their denial only perpetuates violence, oppression, death and division. Perhaps many of these Muslims know this? And it serves them well to be an agent of division and denial? Denial does nothing to resolve a very important issue that has been tearing apart Islam at the seams for decades. One day that fabric will all come undone if Muslims do not wake up now and stand against this extremism. One day their denial may catch up to them–however. It often does. Hardly anyone one can deny what was done to the Natives of America–though many Christians (Catholics) and Europeans at one time denied these events, even today they stand in firm denial.  No society is a utopia, no religion walks free from extremism either, so let us remember this. Let’s not make the same mistakes others have made: let’s learn from them. It is not too late. Let us accept what is there, and look for solutions to tackle the reasons that shed a bad light on Islam.
[1] ABC News article: “In the 1980s, bin Laden left his comfortable Saudi home for Afghanistan to participate in the Afghan jihad, or holy war, against the invading forces of the Soviet Union – a cause that, ironically, the United States funded, pouring $3 billion into the Afghan resistance via the CIA.”
2] Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

Part II Confronting Denial in Muslim Communities:
The denial of Al Qaeda existence also arises by becoming entrapped in communities who are affiliated with extremism. Their denial may be done for several superficial reasons; which would not be supported by the Qur’an. To save one’s own reputation for purpose of community acceptance means that some Muslims stay silent on these issues, one other reason, ultimately, is for power and greed which boldly goes against the revelations of Allah. “So do not sell the covenant of God for a small price. Indeed what is with God is far better for you if only you were to know”. (The Glorious Qur’an Surah Al Nahl 16: 95) Another point why there is dead silence among some muslims when it comes to speaking against crimes of others, is common among so many other groups: Muslims become marginalized in USA. They are often demonized, stereotyped, and harassed in the U.S. because of groups like Al Qaeda and ignorant people who conflate all Muslims with terrorism. The United States is full of uninformed people who do not know the difference between good and bad especially among religious groups. Often they take the indolent approach in dealing with these controversial issues and blame people of all religions. They may find themselves demonizing and discriminating against entire populations because of one bad apple. It should be made clear to non-Muslims that Al-Qaeda does not in any way represent the 1.8 billion Muslims or more around the world. It is a duty of Muslims to defend Islam. They should not be worried about saving their own reputation but that of Islam’s and Allah’s revelations. “So too did we send down “ Our Scripture” upon those who in schism divided it- those who now seek to render the Qur’an in bits” Surah 15.9 Al Hijr. This is only one of the many ayats that speaks on defending the scriptures of Qur’an, and not so much one’s own interpretation of Islam due to doctrines that linger away from the essence of Qur’an. Many Muslims, who support Al Qaeda or deny it’s reality, fail to defend Islam properly, because they are centered on self-defense within their own sects, self, habits, and beliefs. This in turn leads to division, isolation, and misconceptions of those outside their box. For example, the question of this woman, who thinks only to caste out other Muslims in defense of her own beliefs:
“Salam. In one of your answers to a question about the validity of Islam as being the final message you said Allah Almighty will protect the Quran and the Islamic deen (religion) from any diversion and change. How do you explain the splinter groups of the original message of the deen, such as the Shiites and others? They certainly contribute to a weaker image of Islam.”
The woman’s erroneous statements about Shi’ites and “other Muslims” were sadly ignored by the Sheikh, perpetuated by his denial to correct her wrongness. This statement obviously shows prejudice within her community, and their prejudice beliefs are the type of stigmas that such followers of Al Qaeda and fans of materials printed by the extremist supporter Darrusalem in Saudi Arabia have towards those outside their own ideologies. If they read Quran, without innovation, this following Surah reveals division and prejudice is against Islam: “Then do not be like the woman who unravels her yarn into fibers after it has been spun firmly, by taking your oaths as instruments of deception between you, so as to breach your covenants with one group of people for another group who is more abundant in power and wealth. God only puts you to the test by this. For most surely, He shall make clear to you on the day of resurrection that about which you have disputed in life.” And yet another ayat of proof “Yet had God so willed, He would have made all of you one faith–community without choice.” (The Glorious Quran Surah 16:92-93 Al Nahl.) Certain communities of Islamic faith followers have forgotten about their service towards all man when severing their relations from much of society, because people outside certain religious ideologies are not accepted as allies. Some shun one another and manifest that isolation…and as shunned as they become in the west from a hostile anti-Islamic environment in their isolation, they seek acceptance from others as it is innately human to do so. Several converts fall into joining hate groups within Islamic communities because they are welcomed, recognized, and cheered on by extremist for their new acceptance of faith and love of God. Gang mentality is similar. If they are not careful their love of God and euphoric, fresh, spiritual feeling that comes right after converting can be captured by the wrong people, eventually used for means of control over lonely and vulnerable individuals. “A U.S. Army veteran has been arrested for allegedly fighting alongside an al Qaeda group in Syria and then bragging about it online.” On the other hand, quite possibly they just naturally accept wrong doings and take up with Al Qaeda, because they are agents with a mission to divide and cause civil conflict between nations and people–as we have seen with the Arab Spring. You can revert to the several last ayats mentioned to affirm this behavior does not represent Islam. [2] Working as an agent of division and getting paid for it by a government sector, Zionist, or a wealthy organization is allowed in many western Islamic communities, but the idea in itself goes against Islam.A Muslim should not turn their back on truth for selfish reasons or become lured into extremist sects or betray true Islam because of ego. Nor should they treat others outside of their religious beliefs with disrespect.

[2] “Then do not be like the woman who unravels her yarn into fibers after it has been spun firmly, by taking your oaths as instruments of deception between you, so as to breach your covenants with one group of people for another group who is more abundant in power and wealth. God only puts you to the test by this. For most surely, He shall make clear to you on the day of resurrection that about which you have disputed in life.” And yet another ayat of proof “Yet had God so willed, He would have made all of you one faith – community without choice.“ (The Glorious Quran Surah 16:92-93 Al Nahl.

There are many reasons as a Muslim I took it upon myself to write about this subject. I have known people to suffer and die at the hands of terrorism: friends and family members of mine have experienced this too. So many Muslims who speak out against extremism, hate, and violence are targets of extreme entities–from all walks of life: we learn to deal with a life of threats and bullying as our norm. Never so much have I experienced this until coming to Islam; while trying to build bridges between Sunni and Shi’a. Shi’ites, I must admit, are often the target of hate crimes by many extremist groups; not only anti-Muslim groups in general–and this is not to say that some sects of Shi’a Islam do not have their taboos and flaws. I simply cannot explain…but it is painstakingly obvious in western Islamic communities that being a Shi’a or affiliated with one is simply unacceptable. A term has been coined for this, since it is so widespread,  “Anti-Shi’ism” or the prejudice against or hatred of shi’a Muslims based on their religion and heritage. The term was first defined by Shia Rights Watch in 2011, but has been used in formal research and scholarly articles for decades. [1][2]”  In my own personal accounts for “crossing over to the other side” my phone rang non-stop for about a week but the threats and bullying have never ceased.  Fundamentalists, namely Salafi Sheiks from within the USA–the DC and New York area to be exact–sent me threats and warnings about my decision to study Shi’a Islam and my will to speak out against extremism within the religion. Moreover, I never heard the end of bad opinions (by some) towards Shi’a at my local Masjid. You cannot really turn to the ignorant US police on these issues or the FBI since their understanding on Islam is none to limited–and very warped by the media like many other Americans. I was shaken, maybe somewhat awaken, by all this as a new-comer to Islam who entered Islam for the sake of what it stands for: Peace. I found that certain communities who often claimed to adhere to the ideologies of the Qur’an did not. Thankfully, despite the hardships that come with entering any religion, I found that the Qur’an plus a balanced Islamic way of life can be profound and beautiful. I found my place within Shi’a Islam, but still embrace many Sunni aspects of the religion. I find myself between both religions at times. I want to add, therefore I am not misunderstood or my words misconstrued, I do not argue that such spiritual beauty is non-existent in all religions that stem from Islam. Being a Sunni Muslim,Shi’a, Sufi, a Quaranist, and so on can be a great beneficial way of life. However, with the manipulation and control of many Wahabi dominated communities in the west, a barrier comes between the beautiful truth of the religion and the sad abuse of the faith by Western and Zionist agents. I often think, if only people could ease up on the misconceptions and hatred towards others with subtle differences, the dark cloud that encompasses the reputation of our beloved Islam will dissipate. Until then American recruitment into groups like Al Qaeda, will continue until the hatred and lack of understanding it is promptly dealt with. Example: “Syrian State TV released the name, passport and images of a woman they claim was killed fighting alongside Al Qaeda in Syria, reports CNN. The woman was one of three westerners, one of whom was from the U.K. Syrian news did not identify the third westerner.”(see footnote [2]) Al Qaeda must also be called out for its actions among Islamic communities unanimously. The refusal of hate infiltrated communities to talk about other faiths or even mention such communities Shi’a as a religion of Islam, in an American masjid, is a slap in the face to so many Muslims whose lives have been forever changed because of groups like Al Qaeda. It is similar to the denial of the brutal treatment of African Americans during slavery and the racism that still exist and many deny.

It seems almost every week the media forgets to mention the Sunni, Shi’a or Christians targeted by Al Qaeda around the world, so allow me do that for them; “They are martyrs” has been a comforting recognition for my family and friends in dealing with such frequent losses of their Shi’a friends due to Al Qaeda attacks in Syria, Iraq, Libya and all over the middle east. “A coordinated wave of car bombings tore through mostly Shi’a areas of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 66 people and maiming nearly 200 as insurgents step up the blood shed roiling Iraq, they bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda’s Iraqi arm.” [3]“Militants, including al-Qaeda, have long targeted Iraq’s Shia majority and government security forces”. In an Al Qaeda led attack on Shi’ah Muslims in Iraq, people from my husband’s village in Iran were sadly martyred. [1] This hatred springing from Al Qaeda infused within Islamic communities has literally hit close to home. Despite the horrific toll of human lives lost in Iraq and Syria, the US and their Wahhabi-Zionist allies continue, relentlessly, to wage a ruthless campaign inflaming the ethno-sectarian differences in Syria, Iraq, and throughout the Middle East with the ultimate goal of targeting Iran. Condemning those who perpetrate bloodshed in the name of Islam, Dr. John Andrew Morrow writes, “Islam, it must always be remembered, categorically condemns the killing of non-combatants. Militants who murder civilians act in opposition of the ideology they claim to defend.”

To deny these attacks as many have done so is to allow a population the right to savagely kill and to deny others their right to live; which makes no sense at all within the principals of Islam and a primary belief of justice/Adl . I suppose it would all just go away if we bury our heads in the sand like ostriches to avoid what is going on around us? Sunni or Shi’a you have a right to practice, but you should be stripped of your rights to kill and terrorize. It is an Islamic duty to speak against these horrid acts of violence led by groups like Al Qaeda rather then neglect, deny, or try to benefit from them. My final statement to Muslims who do not condemn violence against Shi’a Muslims, Sunni, Christian, Jews, and other innocent men woman and children is, when you get time, please read the Quran and really try to interpret it with a heart full of love rather than one filled with hate.

*This is amateur writing, yes I know: some things, however, I cannot be silent on, and this is one.
[1] Short Account of the Destructionof the Indies
[2] Read more: [3]

al q

[1] Forbes business information service article:”…[Osama bin Laden] received military and financial assistance from the intelligence servicesof Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United States.”

10/9/14 unfortunately since this was written more radical Islamic sects have formed as a result of western support, groups such as Daesh/ISIS continue to terrorize non extremist Muslims and so on. Also the death toll of Americans and westerners some Muslim and some not, fighting for these groups has risen to hundreds if not thousands.


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