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The song of truth that America does not want you to hear, “Marg Bar Amerika”

If you were to Google, Iran News today, you might generate a never ending list of articles that read, “Release of new Iranian song called, “Death to America” or Iranian people fill the streets shout ” Death to America”. If you knew what I knew, you would notice right away the purpose of such articles-merely from looking at the title- you would take immediate notice of the lies, the psychological games that Zionist influenced media plays online. If you knew better as I like to think I often do, you might avoid looking deeper into such nonsense and ignore the phony bologna immediately. But maybe that is their game in regards to this new song? Perhaps it is all s game that would surely scare a person like me away from the new Iranian song, “Marg Bar America” – and one that would scare any person away from Iran totally by giving false meaning of the song “Down with America”. I decided not to be a victim of lies either way and look deep into the truth of this song, exploring the reasons why subjective media are trying to scare the public away from this Iranian song.

First, let me make clear, “Marg Bar” does not mean “Death to” it means “Down with”. Either this translation error is done intentionally to create an aggressive image of Iran -or- this is done accidentally given that persons writing the articles are clueless in farsi slogans 101 and used the Google translator to do their work. Google translator as we all know is ironically programmed with a convenient Zionist edge when it comes down to Iran. Often some phrases like Marg Bar and Palestine translate conveniently to “death to ” and “Israel”, respectively. Moreover when Iranian’s chant this slogan “Down with America” they are not doing it as a threat towards any person. Iranians project this slogan vocally towards the American regime and it’s foreign policy which has brought death to many Iranians over several decades, especially now being faced with illegal sanctions. I should also let you know I am on the streets of Iran often and I have not witnessed the chanting of “Marg Bar America” so I think the media also embellishes how often this is done, they almost make it sound like this is all Iranians do with their life. However, in Iran a land of good people and hard workers, it was explained to me by Iranians that this action is done to vent and release their anger as they are tired with policies of the USA, much like many Americans are.

Furthermore I found the song had a rather catchy tune, it would make for a great dance song or Zumba routine and it spoke many truths about the illegal wars USA and it’s allies have waged all over the world. I see this song “Marg Bar America” as a song that all Americans should take notice of because of truth within. When I was kindly explained to (by Iranians) what these lyrics meant it opened my eyes wider. With mind and eyes open, I realized why these lyrics have been suppressed by western media, more words were built yet on another lie “Death to America” to shield the people from truth…Could it be the truth has scared subjective western powers and now they are once again trying to strike fear in the people? Judge for yourself, and use your own intellect to guide you. Here are the Lyrics to the song “Down With America” translated as best as I can into American English from Farsi, if anyone has any correction please feel free to make them. I will also post a link to the song in the comment box.

“Down with America”

Down with the scourge, the Relentless scourge!

The pollen of innocent slaves,

The sudden death of hundreds and thousands of lives,

In a couple of seconds, With the fall of the sky,

Down with killing the buds of youth!

(killing of the young)

Down with the release of toxins in the limpid streams,

(The bombing of Hiroshima, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and other places hit by western bombs)

death comes with the fluency of lies! Down with censorship!

Down with barbed wire and mine fields of war,

The mass graves and slaughtering of man kind!

Down with self-mutilation, Down with their cages!

Death and Glory of thorny brushwood, Down with Desire!

Down with the abuse of “Human Rights” , the death Axe.

Down with the flare of evil, the Embassy of death that

comes with a “coup” of smoke! ( Western Embassy )

Live the life of relapse! Live the life of me, of you, of us!

In a few words, Down with America!

Down with self-mutilation, Down with their cages!

Death and Glory of thorny brushwood, Down with Desire!

Down with the abuse of “Human Rights” the death Axe!

(The west lying on human rights as well as using them to invade other nations)

Down with the flare of evil! Down with America!

Down with Abu Lahab, Down with Yazid, Shimer and Ibn Sa’d,

Down with the sons of Ziad

Another one.

Down with resolutions cutting off the Euphrates,

That brought the arrow to the infants throat

Death laughs at the enemies of Ali Reza

Down every shot gun in memory of Armita,

Down with America

Written by same author on Fb originally on

The song of truth that America does not want you to hear, “Marg Bar Amerika”!

November 4, 2013 at 3:34pm

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