Free Speech in Iran: Ridley me this, Ridley me that!

      Often Iran stands accused of imprisoning journalist who simply write or post in opposition of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We see this daily in Western media and “human rights” pages as Iran is blamed of muffling these “immaculate and heroic” voices of opposition. Iran stands accused without having the social platform of the same magnitude as the Western nations it needs in order to defend the Islamic Republic on matters regarding this so called “journalist imprisonment”. Consumers of this propaganda hardly realize how cheated they are because of these soft war methods. They do not get the full scope of these stories. Hardly, is the entire scenario that may have or may have not led up to ones detainment in Iran revealed. Most of these journalist like horror stories originate in western media rather than in Iran-where the said source of news is. They leave most of the people-intelligent enough to expect details and accuracy-hanging on to these questionable stories without facts and official reports from Iranian sources. Western media outlets do claim that these breaking stories on journalist are authentic and official reports via Iran. Yet, you can easily compare their claims with Iran media to find out this is not the case. It does not take rocket science, in other words to dig for truth on these issues. You might also find, while doing your research that Iran has employed among their networks a large number of opposition journalist. These journalist speak freely and often against the government of Iran as they wish.

      A large percent, if not all of these journalist/blogger “horror stories” said to be from Iran, are not factual and have many lose ends. In my honest observation; I have not witnessed nor heard of a true case that represents these scenarios in Iran, whereas one was held captive for some anti-Iran speech. It is usually actions that are greater than words that can lead up to an actual arrest in Iran, nonetheless these actions must be accompanied with some evidence.  I have not witnessed any claims the Western world and it’s allies make on Iranian lifestyle, culture and politics in the years I have traveled safely to Iran. I have certainly not been aware of any individual who is imprisoned on the sole purpose of writing up some anti-Iran garb.  I have however, seen the Western media create and embellish stories that dance around this myth on journalist in Iran, practically every time I get my Google on for Iranian centered news. I know much of these claims are due to inaccuracy on the Western side of reporting or fear mongering, game playing, and just more drama.  To say Iran takes prisoners simply for writing anti-IRI or political garb is stupid propaganda for now it would seem. These are claims that one could rule out to ease his or her fears on Iran. There are many free journalist/bloggers to prove my case. Many of these vocal types live in Iran or work for Iranian networks. They spend their spare time putting forward anti-Iran publications to suit their political aspirations and agendas. These people I inform my readers on are obviously not writing from a cell in Evin Prison. Freedom in Iran is their weapon, it allows them to write with a somewhat silver tongue weighed down with gold plated lies.   

     There are plenty of journalist who whine, lie, or make false suggestions on the Iranian government and their political leaders. And many of these writers seem to be treated wonderfully by the Iranian government, as they ignore them with an open mind and respect for opinions of others.  If I ruled the world (good thing I do not ; ) I may exile this type of folk to polar bear and penguin type regions just for writing some of the crazy stuff that they write! These anti-IRI “journalist” can create some totally ape wild scenarios on the Iranian government. Their subjectivity on their stance with Iran is no mystery hidden from their readers. I personally take offense to their crud and hypocritical dis-info! Mostly, I am offended because sheer bull shit is used as their “evidence” to back up much of their false claims on Iran. These so called journalist use schizophrenic inspired like fantasies that manifest within themselves to target Iran.  They create the type of propaganda that in turn leads to hatred and suspicion. Hatred and suspicion eventually hurts the reputation of the Iranian people and the government for those sheeple that consume the sheeple feed. The people and leaders of Iran, I have come to admire and respect over the years for fighting off western manipulation. So, I am sure millions of Iranians would also be dissatisfied with these western journalist if only they knew the lingo! Let me hit you with a might fine example.                                                                                                                                                                                        

     Take Yvonne Ridley for instance a well known British converted Muslim who found sympathy for Taliban after being imprisoned by them. What led her to convert?  According to sister Yvonne’s side of the story her conversion had something to do with the following choices; lose her life or become Muslim. After choosing conversion rather than death, she lived happily ever after . She has gone on to do a few interviews, to write on how inspiring her captivity was to her and how she learned much on Islam being in Taliban in captivity. Taliban is also an entity that kills Iranian and is against the Islamic Republic of Iran, if you do not know by now. And like many of these writers set out to bash the Iranian government, Taliban can also come up with some fierce and wild accusations on Iran that does not add up. Mostly their beef with Iran is Islamic centered, being that we Shi’a in Iran are not “true Muslims” and we do not follow their chosen Caliphate. So if anything Taliban and other anti Iranian terrorist groups like ISIS probably enjoy and benefit from the anti Iran sentiment of such writers like Ridley. For these anti-Islamic Republic of Iran writers you can see in their blogs, post, and opinion pages they attempt to make great effort towards making some sense of their own lies, as if they believe them! I give these famed writers total credit for earning their BS degrees! They do this carelessly by using more lies, opinions, rumors and heresy to back up the initial lie. I guess this is why they are called opinion pages? However, I think there is still a difference between lie and opinion just as there is between fact and opinion. Now, this Miss Ridley was someone I used to find somewhat cool, maybe even a sister I could chill with when entering the world of Islam myself. When I first began to learn of Islam and read these convert stories, I only saw the happy faces of converts and nothing beyond that. Without really knowing the converts or their views I just accepted them for being Muslim, so I urge all Muslims to research who they promote carefully. All that coolness I found in folk like Ridley faded when I realized her writings had some converging parallels with pro Israeli, Neo conish, Wahabi, Salafi, anti Iran groups.  I read a bit more of her blogs and opinions on her donations sites etc. and I decided not to give in at that point for her subjective writing…    

     Now to critique Ridley as a fellow human, her writings are really an expression of who she is and she has every right to speak her mind. But I would like to advise these types of creative writers, if saving lives is what they are about as some of them preach peace and unity…then perhaps it is useful to be professional on such a high platform with a large base of followers. It is also wise that they do not create hysteria by making such extraordinary accusations on countries being targeted by the ultimate war mongers. All people, not just a few, or just the governments are jeopardized when such phenomenal accusations are being made by these journalist in their approach meant to target specific governments. You give the murderers, opportunist and mongers what they want, but maybe that is the ultimate goal for some anti-Iran propagandist? Ridley’s role as a Muslimah fits well into the idear (British accent for Ridley) that, “you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl”.  By this I mean, for as much as she is Muslim and wears it so beautifully, she is still on the same side as the neo con’s, wahabi and pro Israeli groups when it comes down to her prejudice and accusations towards Iran and Syria. She creates scapegoats for the West in some of her writings  while putting Iran up for a fall when it comes to specific political issues. Moreover, Ridley neglects that the West is guilty at large for much of the turmoil in the ME by dumping blame on innocent nations like Iran and Syria.  I do not quote any of her false propaganda because I find it horrific, distasteful and harmful, like a big recipe for disaster (You can find some of what she has conjured up in her own blogs). I feel the false propaganda launched by Ridley and her type of folk is ultimately like a poison that gives off bad fumes plaguing the masses. I have no desire to recycle and release this poison into the environment. Many of these writers admit these accusations are a rats nest of “what ifs”, and opinions. Sadly, in someway their lies do effect people just as western media has “infected” people with their lies on Iran and Syria.   

     Back to the lecture at hand, though you have journalist like this Ridley who has made some equally unscrupulous claims on the Syrian and Iranian government (allies targeted by this style of false western journalism) would it surprise you if I said, some of these writers are on Iranian pay roll? As accusations pile up on Iran, the people must think! If it was really true and fact that Iran and even Syria was so harsh towards journalist who write anti IRI filthy crock of false prop, how would writers like Ridley continue their careers with Iran and for Iran based (Press TV) for so many years? So, the fact is that Iran and networks like Press TV do have some of these Iran haters on their payroll, haters who are set out to poison minds of the ignorant and gullible folk just as western media does…This should really reveal opposite of what many in the western world accuse Iran on! Iran allows a great level of free speech, although it is not in their constitutional declarations as it is for USA. And USA seems more inclined to imprison “journalist/activist” than Iran (especially since all this NSA bs) yet that’s a whole other blog. So myth debunked again, Iran does not punish journalist for simply writing garb against their gov., some are low enough accept Iranian pay for their crappy opinions and lies…



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